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Book Club

I just finished reading The Jane Austen Book Club (yes, it's in theaters now (with the ever lovely Emily Blunt), I believe) by Karen Joy Fowler. The book flew by in a gorgeous back and forth between the characters, all from different backgrounds, who come together over their love of Jane Austen novels.

The camaraderie and sense of unity in the book made me want a book club of my own! The characters found such interesting ways to connect their lives to the lives of Austen's characters and I learned more about Austen from the eyes of Fowler's characters than I did in school.

So, does anyone belong to a book club? Or ever belonged to one? If not, what kind of book club would you join?


Erin said…
I'm part of a book club with some other teen girls. We take turns picking the books, so we get a pretty eclectic mix!
Emily Marshall said…
I actually hadn't heard of this, or known it was going to be a movie. But it sounds great. I love anything Jane Austen.

I loved the movie Becoming Jane, and I'll have to check this one out when it comes out!

I've never belonged to a Book Club, but love to discuss books online with many friends.
Erin, Readergirlz looks so, so great. I'm checking them out right now! :)

Emily, the movie looks good (I think its an indie film) and I'm sure you'd enjoy the book. I haven't seen Becoming Jane yet, but I want to.

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