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Mean girls in literature?

So, I'm editing now and am stumped on a character. I'm trying to come up with a name of a female villian (or bitchy girl) of sorts that's fairly well known to today's teens and tweens. I need this name to compare to my own mean female character. So, I'm thinking a Draco Malfoy type--but a girl. The character has to come from literature and not TV or movies. I would have loved to use Regina George, but alas she's from a movie.

I'm seriously stumped. I tried to think back on the books I've read recently, but can't think of any standout female who tortures the good girls.

Any suggestions? They could end up in print! :)


Mary Danielson said…
Cruella DeVille! Okay, I suppose the movie of 101 Dalmations is much better known than the Dodie Smith book.

So...other possibilities: The first Mrs. Rochester from Jane Eyre, Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca, Caroline Bingley a la Pride & Prejudice, Ms. Minchin or Lavinia from A Little Princess. Plus, you could always use Bellatrix LeStrange from HP.

Hope that helps!
emily said…
Ooh...that's a hard one.

Are you sure you can't use a movie one? Another good one for that besides Regina (which is great) would be Sharpay Evans from High School Musical (but I do know that they have several books based on the movie that could sneak in there to count, possibly).

I think if you had to use a lit one, you could do one that's also in movies, so more people would know, such as Lana Evans from The Princess Diaries or Carla Santini from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

Just suggestions. I can't think of any good "names" from books only, though, that most teens would know.
Oooh, Cruella is excellent Mary! :) Those are fab possibilities, too! Now to decide...

Emily, Sharpay would be perfect except for the movie thing. Carla and Lana are good ideas, too, though.

Now you both have me thinking. I was completely blocked yesterday!
alexgirl said…
Most of the cast from Gossip Girls. Those girls are all bitchy at one time or another!
Hmm... other than that I'm totally drawing a blank.
Good question, though.
Bri Meets Books said…
Cokie Mason comes to mind, from the Baby-Sitters Club.

But how about Nellie Olsen, from The Little House series?

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