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Review: On Writing Romance by Leigh Michaels

Before you say "I don't write romance!" keep reading because this book is for any writer from teen to adult who writes any sort of relationship between two people.

Leigh Michaels has over 80 romance novels to her name and this book is for the beginning to middle-level writer with some sprinkles of good advice for the advanced writer.
Each chapter (from discussing the types of romance categories to plotting a sensual scene) is followed by a Q&A to determine if you grasped the important concepts in the book.
The final chapters offer advice on publishing and include sample queries.
The book isn't filled with graphics and it's a solid 275 pages of fairly tiny text. It's a great addition to any bookshelf and check it out here!


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Mary Danielson said…
Thanks for the review, Jess! I've looked at this book a few times and always considered buying it, but haven't yet. This will definitely be going on my list now.

*sigh* And you got hit by the same spammer that hit my blog...bad day to stop moderating comments, eh? I've never had that happen before today!
No kidding about the spam! Spammers suck. :/

It really, truly is an excellent book and I think you'd love it. It's packed with so much good info and I got a lot out of it, even for my tween novels. :)
Heather Harper said…
Thanks for the heads up. I love me a good reference book. :)

And your blog colors are smokin' hot, Jessica.
Oooh, I like smokin' hot! LOL Thank you, Heather! :)
Bri Meets Books said…
Hmm. Might have to put that one up. It might liven up my screenplay's scenes of attraction, where basically one character says "I like you very much, let's cement our love," and the other replies, "Yes," in very not-eloquent words.
LOL Bri. :) I definitely understand that dilemma!
Sara Hantz said…
I haven't heard of this one, I'll definitely check it out.
ERiCA said…
Sounds great! I will have to check it out. Like Heather, I'm a sucker for a reference book. =)
Leigh Michaels said…
Jess, thank you for the wonderful review of ON WRITING ROMANCE. I'm glad to know that you've found the book helpful.

The type IS pretty small (my husband suggested that Writers Digest Books include a magnifier with each copy) but my editor and I prefer to think that we packed as much as we could into page.

All the best,
Leigh Michaels
Hi, Leigh! Thank you for stopping by! :)

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