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Books to movies

Lately, I've been reading books that have been made into movies such as Queen Bees and Wannabees (Mean Girls), Stardust, The Nanny Diaries, The Golden Compass and The Secret Garden.

Books to movies seems to be a growing trend in Hollywood. It does make sense, if you think about it. There is more potential box office bucks for a movie that has been a beloved book than perhaps a brand new film with no built in fan base.

On Yahoo!, a new trailer for Beowulf with Angelina Jolie is playing. Would you watch the Beowulf film?

What are some of your favorite books to movies?


emily said…
I'm guilty of reading a book, just because I loved the movie. I've found several of my now favorite author's that way, which is nice.

I think two of my favorite book to movie's have been The Notebook and The Princess Diaries. I think because they transfered over to movies so well, that I think I liked the movies better than the book itself in both cases.
Emily Hendricks said…
First Wives Club. The book is nothing like the movie, but it's still a fantastic read.
Stephanie said…
I have to admit...P&P to the BBC version. Nothing tops the book, but that movie is fabulous! I confess, I saw the movie before I saw the book. I hurried to the bookstore afterwards.

I also saw "Bridget Jones's Diary" before I read the book. I liked The Princess Diaries better as a book but I still enjoy the movie. I'd love to see any of Lauren Willig's novels as movies!
Kelly Parra said…
I don't know that I have a favorite, but I've seen the Traveling Pants Movie, and they are making a number 2 now! :)
Bri said…
Hmm. Girl Interrupted did a great job of taking a memoir that was slightly scattered and adapted it well. Oh and Fried Green Tomatoes the movie had just as much heart as the book. Oh and Holes! Definitely. I can't think of a thing they changed.
Emily, The Princess Diaries was fantastic and I haven't seen the Notebook yet.

Em, haven't seen that one! :)

Steph, Kelly and Bri, great picks! Holes was excellent!

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