Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hey ya'll

Happy Wednesday!

How's everyone's week going? Comment and let me know! I'm on a doctor-ordered writing break (shhh . . . you never saw me blogging!) because of tendon stress/strain. Boo. But I get to start writing again next Monday and I'm so excited! I'm very lucky to actually *want* to go back to work.

Hugs to all on Team Canterwood! xo


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Amy xo~ said...

I finished reading masquerade yesterday! I finished it in like 2 was the best!!! I loved the ending, it was totally unexpected! LT must be so confused!Can't wait for the next book :)

Amy xo~ said...

Hope you feel better soon! I know exactly how you feel, my first 2 classes involve like 2.5hours of computers and I have MAJOR eye strain! It's painful. Anyway, I hope you feel better so you can get back to writing your AMAZING books!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, hope yo feel better! I just nearly passed out when the Barnes and Noble lady handed me Masquerade... I'm already on chapter 8 :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess! Omigosh I got Masquerade TWO DAYS EARLY- giving me enough time to have re-read it four times already!! I CAN'T believe we have to wait a whole FOUR months for the next book! Hope you feel better- ugh, this allergy season is making my eyes so blurry!

Anonymous said...

i made my mom get Masquerade on Tuesday so i'll have it after school and i finished it that day!! i was like omgomgomgomgomgomg at the end. why can't Jealousy come out this next Tuesday? ;)

Jennifer Abo said...

so far i loooooooooove Masquerade but i haven't finished it yet............. but no one spoil it! lol ttyl!

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