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Happy Fourth of July weekend!

What are you doing this Fourth of July weekend? Anything fun?

K and I saw fireworks from where we think was Central Park last night. It's our second week staying on the Upper East Side (like, 3 blocks from Bloomys) and we're going back to Brooklyn this weekend to get mail, see the kitties, etc. I still haven't gotten used to having an elevator man or being up so high (21st floor), but I do love the view and spending time with Gram has been great.

I got up early to write and want to keep going, but share your weekend plans!



Sam Newman =D said…
haha, im glad ur having fun! :) lol. but i decided not to go to the lake. so, now im going to Cape May (New jersey!) NEXT weekend, and 4 the 4th we r goin up 2 PA to visit family until 2sdy. :p :) we r leaving soon. gtg, bye!
Anonymous said…
Happy 4th! Eating watermelon and strawberry shortcake! Wish I could be in NYC! Have fun.
Anonymous said…
I'm going to hang with my cousins and a friend from Michigan that is visiting for the week this Forth of July. I think my uncle is planning to have some fireworks and sparklers too. It should be super fun like last year!!:)
Anonymous said…
We're going to see my aunt in NYC! She and her boyfriend live in Brooklyn, so maybe we'll see you, Jess!
Kacie Farris said…
Happy 4th of July Jess!!
I have know idea what I'm doing thi weekend, but on the 5TH of July I will be starting at a day camp, and FINALLY learn to jump!!

Read all about that at my blod

Piisyummy said…
I don't know if we're going to have fireworks because of wildfire risks and all that...but anyway, happy 4th of July to you and Kate!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Fourth of July Jess & Kate!
I live in Canada, so today we celebrated Canada Day. Hope you guys have a good weekend! Write some good stuff! :)
Connie said…
I live in CA so fireworks are illegal, and I guess they're legal for the 4th but I never do too much celebrating on the 4th-maybe some sparklers, but that's it. However, I am going to Yosemite!!!! Hiking huge waterfall/mountain.
EmmaTheAuthoress said…
We're not doing much... staying inside and watching old movies.
Anonymous said…
Happy 4th of July Jess! I'm gonna be having a party at my house & be hanging with my boyfriend. We're gonna have a lot of fireworks and food.
Anonymous said…
Having a cookout with family for the 4th! And riding! Fun!
Anonymous said…
Happy 4th 2 u! Glad that u guys r back in NYC and watching fireworks! Just wanted to let u know that I am praying 4 Kate. God bless you!

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