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Deadline Land

In the deep cave of Deadline Land, but had to say "HI!" and say that I have *two* pieces of HUGE news to share! I haaaaate that I have to wait until I get the okay, but I will share the second my S&S peeps say I can. Hopefully, I can share one sooner than the other so you all at least know one thing. :)

I've gotta get back to Lauren (she's about to go do something . . . scary, so I need to get her out of it!).

Don't forget about the supercool Stable of E-Books 1-4 releasing on July 26th! Yaay!


Anonymous said…
Can't wait to hear the super exciting news!!! Whatever it is you so deserve it!!!
Anonymous said…
I can't wait to hear your news. Spill soon!
Kacie Farris said…
Stupid S&S needing you too ask--- the world of writing am I right?
Anonymous said…
Everything in that post holds suspense. Now I want to know both the big things you want to tell us but can't yet and the scary thing Lauren is about to do.
Connie said…
Can't wait to hear the two pieces of exciting news (that means good, right?!?!) and what Lauren was doing! When exactly is Initiation coming out? On your blog it says December but on the back cover of Chosen it says October....
Anonymous said…
i want to hear the news too!!!! i'll be checking your blog everyday!!! :)
Anonymous said…
I NEED TO HEAR THE NEWS SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Piisyummy said…
Ahhh!! Can't wait to hear the news. :P
Anonymous said…
i need to know! it's driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Can't wait 4 the news! I check your blog atleast 2 times a day. Also, I'm writing a story based off of CCA, because you inspired me to write it. Would anyone like to read it??
Sam Newman =D said…
=] ;] :) lol

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