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Some celebratory shopping

I got some exciting news yesterday! It led to the purchase of the suuuperfun hoodie and the tank below from the place where, um, most of my paycheck goes--VS's PINK line.

The news? Take the Reins earned out its advance! Yay! It wouldn't have happened without *you,* the readers, and my ridiculously talented editor, Kate Angelella.

We decided some celebratory online shopping was in order, so I snagged that doodle zip hoodie and the pretty tank. I love that mix of blue and gray! Plus, I'm always cold, so I can't get enough hoodies.

Again, I'm so grateful that Take the Reins is doing so well and in it's . . . 6th (?--I should check that . . .) printing. I'll be working as I start to feel better on Initiation this weekend and I'm counting down the days until Chosen releases in May. I've got a lot of fun giveaways during release week! :)

Anyone else a PINK fanatic? What's your go-to store when you want to celebrate with clothes, accessories--whatever?


Suz said…
Jess: Hope your feeling better from your flu and recover soon! Also, my go to place for shopping has to be... Vera Bradley. I'm totally obsessed!!!
Adina said…
Cool, i love those hoodies, they almost make me want to go to NY and steal them, lolz :D
hunter said…
I hope you feel better Jess! My go to place for shopping is ......... Pacsun
Canterwoodluvr said…
Fav shopping place? I'd say Target. They have soooooo many nice things for, like, super cheap.
Anonymous said…
I hope you feel better... I know how it feels. My go to place for shopping has to be at Dick's Sporting Goods, I am NOT a girly-girl. Also, I was wondering when Dominate is coming out. No pressure or anything, I was just wondering. Thanks!
CrossCountryGirl said…
Cool clothes!!! My fave shopping place to celebrate is probs Abercrombie.......or Anthropologie! I luv Pink tho......cute :) Feel better <3
Suz said…
Anthropologie is so cute! I love the store! It does have some equestrian themed stuff there, also!
Jill/teameric said…
favorite shopping place??
woahh, there is too many!
hmm maybe... Hollister or Ralph Lauren! (:

Sounds like your feeling better!

can't wait for dominate!
Anonymous said…
I go to either Areopostle, Express or pretty much any store i like haha :) I shope EVERYWHERE!
Anonymous said…
When is dominate going to be realesed again?
Anonymous said…
Could you make the book dominate available in physical bookstores?I dont have a computer, nooke or phone.I am writing this from my dads phone and he says im not allowed to download it on his phone. I would really like to read this book. I am asking you to consider putting this book in physical book stores.I have read all your books and watched most of your blogs. I would love to read this book.I also guarantee that sales will go up because I know a lot of people who want to read this but cant because they dont have nookes, computers, or phones. Please consider this and thank you for reading this and enjoy your summerB)
Anonymous said…
Jess I hope you feel better I just love your work. All of your books are so amazing. I wish I could meet you. You are my role model. You also inspired me to start writing my own book. My book is not anywhere near finished but it is getting there. Its probably not going to be anywhere near as good your books, but its okay. I was thinking about asking to publish my book when its finished but I dont know. I hope that you are feeling better soon. I get sick A LOT so I know how you feel. I hope you are better soon:)

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