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45 days and counting . . .

till CHOSEN releases! I'm sooooooooo excited about this book! It's the first ever Canterwood super special and Kate and I worked our butts off on this book. Notice I said "first" super special? Welllll, I'm announcing it for the first time that there will be another super special! A holiday themed one. :) I'm superthrilled to be writing about the holidays, winter, parties, horses in the snow, etc. It's going to be so. much. fun. I hope you guys like the plan, too!

It's going to be a non-stop working weekend for me. I'll be writing INITIATION. It's coming along well so far. A little slow with the beginning just because I still heard Sasha's voice in my head, but now I hear Lauren. I absolutely love her and I think you will too.

I want to know your weekend plans! Doing anything fun? Reading anything good? Spill!

Back to writing with Pretty Little Liars in the background.

Love to Team Canterwood.



Anonymous said…
Congrats on the Holiday Super special! That is so exciting for you and all your readers!!!
MaDdY said…
I am sure that the holiday super special is going to be AWESOME!
So far, I don't have anything, really, to do on the weekend. I'll prob go to my neighbor's house and hang out like I do all the time, or maybe my friend from school will text me and ask if I want to sleep over... I'll also be keeping one eye on my new puppy.
Anonymous said…
I love your books I just started reading them but there great.I'm on your third book behind the bit and I'm sooooo glad I brought the book at the same time as chasing blue.AS for my weekend I have horse-back riding on saturday and as for sunday I'm working a pony party for my riding instruter since shes out of town.Keep writing I LOVE your books
Anonymous said…
I cant wait for the holiday super special!!!Thanks soooooo much for writing these awesome books!!!
Suz said…
Reading some awesome books from the Calypso Chronicles. Pulling Princes, Stealing Princes, Dueling Princes, & Dumping Princes. Awesome!
Canterwoodluvr said…
I'm so excited for the Holiday Special! And Chosen! And Initiation!!! I'm reading the Heartland series and it. Is. So. Good. Almost as good as Canterwood. (Just Kidding :))
Anonymous said…
omg im soooo exited!!
Anonymous said…
i am confused, who is violet, jess or kate?
hunter said…
I'm so happy for you Jess congrats! I'm in an ice hockey tournament (well actually 2:)) this weekend so I'm jam packed with games.
Adina said…
Congrats on the super special, I cant wait till the holiday one comes out and I cant wait till I can get the first one. It's going to be weird not hearing Sasha anymore, but I'm sure Lauren will be awesome at narrating. I will hopefully be going to this shelter to volunteer, but my mom is threatingng me that im gonna get my hair done, so i dont know, wish me luck that its the shelter!
I'm SO glad you guys are excited! I am, too!

Sounds like you've all got some fun weekend plans.

Anon--I'm Violet and Kate is Ruby. :)
Anonymous said…
I am soooo excited for the super special!!!! As for my weekend, I just got home from helping at a riding party for the barn i volunteer at! Other than that, I'm watching basketball all weekend!
Anonymous said…
I can't wait for the next canterwood books!!:) well this weekend I'm going shopping with my 2 bffs for spring fling clothes can't wait!!!

~cc fan 13
I'm def buying copies of all the specials! I have enough allowance!
TaylorHottner said…
YES, so the POV in Initiation is Lauren? YES!
Hannah(: said…
yayyy!! i loved sasha, but i think a new girl will be something exciting. And of course all the new HORSES!! the best part hahah(: my horse reminded me of charm. they both live for food, know they're studs, and love to jump. I wonder what the new horse will be like...? I'm exciteddd!!
Canterwood lover said…
Congrads on your super speical.I can't wait I really will miss sasha in your books but as long as canterwood continues i'm fine with it.Keep writing I love love love your books
Anonymous said…
Jess, if you haven't thought about any producers for a TV show, I would DEF look up Dan Schnieder(spelling!!) from Nickelodeon.He created iCarly and Victorious and is THE most hilarious guy ever.I reccomend him.
Anonymous said…
Omg I am ur biggest fan I luv ur books and u ur the best author in the world !!!! I luv pll 2its the best show ever I'm sad that we have 2 wait till June till it comes on agin o and it's gonna be on Tuesdays now --lyssa
Horse luver4ever said…
It's lyssa agin I can't wait till chosen comes out ur the best--lyssa

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