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Couple of cool things

Aladdin MIX's
5th anniversary is coming up. They're giving authors FlipCams to film some fun Q&As and a few other things. The idea made the Wall Street Journal. Cool! Check out "Writers Get Close in Video Interview."

Kate and I also have an account on Smashwords. (Thanks, Bri!) We'll likely be selling our e-books there in addition to other outlets. Here's our profile. :)

I'm finally back on Publishers Marketplace. I added (first time ever) a project that's available. Since I've been unagented for almost 2 years, I thought it was time to get an account for my projects in progress. If you're looking for a YA verse proposal, e-mail me for more details. Plus, there are details about the packager work Kate and I are doing with Violet & Ruby.


DancingQueen said…
Yay! And, lol when I first saw the little count down thingy for Chosen, I thought it said 54 hours and 6 minutes. You know how disapointed I was when I found out it wasn't? lol Can't wait to see your guy's video!
DancingQueen said…
P.S. First comment again! I hope you don't think i'm a stalker....:O
Adina said…
Lolz, awesome jess,I'm kind of sad that domiance isn't printed, those e-readers and kindle books really get me riled up, I hate those. I feel like books should be on paper and theres a line that seperates technology and the rest of the world, its a fine line that shouldn't be crossed, and technology has crossed it into books. I just dont like to think of parents reading bedtime stories to their kids on a e-book or whatever...........

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