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What're you doing for Thanksgiving?

This week has been buuussy. BFF has been sick, I had a doctor appointment and have been doing a few Skype classroom visits. I'm still scheduling them with schools and book club, so if you want me to Skype with your school, have your teacher email me at jess_burkhart AT hotmail DOT com for details. I've meant so many members of Team Canterwood this week--it's been a blast! :)

So glad you all have been enjoying SCANDALS. Now, I'm totally focused on January and am waiting until UNFRIENDLY COMPETITION comes out on the 4th. It'll be a new year and time to let go of Sasha, in a way, and focus on the new lead character.

Okay, I've got to write 10-15 pages today to stay on schedule. Wish me luck! I haven't opened the blog to comments in FOREVER because of past problems, so I'm going to open this post for you all to chat, if you like. I have to approve/reject comments so they won't show up until I read them.

**Spoilers will be deleted!**

My question for you: What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

I'm having dinner with BFF and Ross.

Answer away--I want to know!



Anonymous said…
making turkey shaped sugar cookies and having dinner with neighborhood friends. happy thanksgiving Jess.
Bri Meets Books said…
Heading to the gf's parents' house for dinner. Before that, going to my cousins' for dinner. First Thanksgiving with them ever so I'm really excited. Plus my cousin wants to be a chef and wow, can he cook.

So nice to have a retail job that doesn't require me to work Thanksgiving!

Have a good one. :)
Sleeping in, writing novels (finishing up NanoWriMo), going stores, reading, and avoiding HW!!!
Christy said…
Family is coming down and my sister gets to stay for a week. It will be a crowded house, but fun!
I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
Scandals was great, but I'm getting sad that there's only one more book with Sasha! Can't wait for book 12!
Amanda said…
the usual just chillin with the fam. round a turkey and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie ;)
got the week off so major sleep in time! v.v. excited
Anonymous said…
What kind of YA Novel are you writing? Mandy Hubbard is a good choice or maybe Greenhouse Literary Agency...


Anonymous said…
OMG! I have missed posting on this website soooo much. There are other cool places to post to but I still miss posting here. Anyways I am doing the same thing as always for Thanksgiving...eating like a pig. I will be stuffing my face once at my grandma's house(mom's side of the family)and once at my uncle's house(dad's side of the family). It should be super delicous and fun as always although I am sad because four of my cousins have gone off to college so I won't be seeing them until Christmas. Normally we are all together at Christmas and Thanksgiving so that is sad...but it will still be lots of fun.
Kaitlin said…
Biggest CC fan said

nothing really fun... were my sister works she gets a free turkey so we'll have two... my school is so mean they will Probably give us some kind of homework wether it be studying of a work sheet. Also S.R.L. was soooooooo good... i also got my bffl to read the books and i thing my other friend might start too... and i have monday off cause of teacher development day so hahaha to the teachers... well i guess i have to wait to see what god has planed for my thanksgiving. HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! :)
Kathleen N. said…
I'm going to my Grandparent's house for Thanksgiving! I get to see my whole family, and we are baking cookies for my granparents and everyone else. I'm so excited to be let out for school, I can't wait! BTW, I didn't get SRL yet, but I will over the weekend. I read them in like under 24 hours. Love 'em! Have a great Thanksgiving Jess and Kate! (Don't eat too much turkey!)
P.S. I love to read the Nancy Drew (All New) books and I like to read the Hardy Boys (All New) books, too. I was just telling you because you are friends with Kate who writes Nancy Drew who must know the anonymous author of the Hardy Boys books. I read them in 3 hours! (The longest was 1 day!) I wouldn't be able to live without 'em! Thanks! :)
Adina H. said…
YAY, posting. I know im going to be on break for thanksgiving, so its going to be like a 5 day weekend for me. I'll probably go have thanksgiving with either my dad's side of the family or my mom's side of the family, it hasn't be finalized yet.
Anonymous said…
I'm going to Pittsburg to see my cousins, Aaron and Justin, play in a hockey tournament
Jenna said…
ig oing to stay home but my grandma is coming....going to cook turkey and take care of my horsey until i can ride her again! (had a abesses sorry cant spell!) anyway it wouldnt drain so now it did and just brushing her and playing with her tilll i can ride again!!! happy thanksgiving cants wait till next book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenna :)
veronica ;) said…
omg i luv scandals!!!!! thank so much jess, i remember the last time i posted here waz when little wthite lies came!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox roncat
Anonymous said…
I am going to my grandparents and having pie, pumpkin bread (maybe), turkey and lot more. Yummm! I love the books, Jess. I can't wait for the next one to come out. :)
Anonymous said…
Sooooo Scandals is soooooo goood!!!!! My friends that i ride w/ talk about it all the time with me!!!!!!! It's liem the best book ever!!!!!!!! and ya 4 thanksgiving, im EATING!!!!!!!!!! hahahaah

but ya scandals is soo gr8 and im excited for unfriendly comp!!!

Anonymous said…
I <3 <3 scandals!!! for thanksgiving I am staying home and watching football!!! Some family is coming over too!
Jessi said…
Reading Scandles Rumors Lies and Just staying at home with Family and cooking tons of food we will never finish!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said…
Awww, I'm going to miss Sasha! :( Anyway, is UC the last book with Sasha as the main character, or is it the first one with the new character? I'm confused!
Suz said…
Just got back from Chicago where I went to the circus, just saw Secretariat and I'm going X-mas shopping tomorrow... T-Giving I'm watchin the Macy's thanksgiving day parade. It's gonna be awesome!!! (VV exciting!)

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