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I think it's prize time!! :D

I think it's time to kick off December's ahhh-mazing giveaway a little early! What do you think??

To start off an awesome line up of prizes, I'm giving away a copy of THE SHAPE SHIFTER'S CURSE, the second book in the Magic Repair Shop series by my friend Amanda Marrone. It's edited by Editor K, so you KNOW it's good. :) I'm excited to start giving fun things to Team Canterwood!

To enter, leave a comment here, on my LiveJournal or in both places. You have until Saturday, December 4 at midnight EST to enter. I only ship to US addresses. All comments have to be screened, so yours won't appear until I read it. You must leave me a way to contact you and you'll get your prize 3-4 week after we get in touch, but likely sooner.

I'm excited to start giving fun things to Team Canterwood!

You'll get an extra entry in the contest, btw, if you blog about it, post a note on your Facebook, Tweet about the contest, etc. Just leave me a link in your comment.

Good luck and enter right now to win this superfun book!


PS--I owe signed books to at least 3 people who have been incredibly patient. They are going in the mail this week. I promise! Thank you for understanding!


Kaitlin said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Great prizes.I love the banners from Team Canterwood.
I'm reposting this entry for Kaitlin Johnson.

Kaitlin, thank you for entering but please don't put a phone # or address online. It's superscary to do that.

So, here's your edited entry: :)

Hi Jess

I would like to be in the contest so heres some info.

Kaitlin Johnson
Joni said…
Thank you for the Canterwood Series!!! I'm soooo curious about your YA book!

I'd like to be entered in the contest, please.
Anonymous said…
Hi Jess!

I'd love to be entered for this giveaway.

Kathryn Hickle
Ebyss said…
Awesome giveaway. I'd like to enter.

Thanks for hosting.
Super-cool giveaway! Editor K is definitely a great editor. I think she wrote one of the Nancy Drew Books, Secret Sabotage, and it was soooo gooooood, super-sparkly, and great.

Btw, it's Aishah again!



P.S. Good luck with Chosen. I love the cover. Sasha Silver forever, though!
Morghan said…
Jessica, you and your writings in spire me. Not only to achieve and reach for my dreams but, in horse back riding too.

Merry Christmas everybody
& Happy new too :D

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