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a random mess

Been soo busy writing ELITE AMBITION and doing other things, BUT a new vlog will be coming soon. Hopefully, from a supercool location. I'll also be vlogging from the Tallahassee Writers Conference and will encourage (read: force) Kate on camera with me. :)

It's warming up to the fifties this week and I am INSANELY excited. I know that weather talk is, like, boring but a little warmer will be awesome. It also, you know, means shopping for those in between weather clothes...

Got dinner with friends tomorrow night and then Friday is Kate's version of TWILIGHT. ALICE IN WONDERLAND hits the big screen and we're SO going to see it. She's very fangirly and cute about it and it's like me with my RPattz obsession. I can't wait!

And now to wrap up my random two and a half hour cleaning/rearranging apt spree. Really? Was that necessary? (No.)

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All set!

Apologies about the difficulties with downloading the video! The awesome Jo at Glass Slipper Webdesign walked me through it and everything is all set!

If' you've already downloaded the video, please try to download it again--it won't charge you.

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