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Writing like whoa

I got two new freelance assignments last week that are due in March. Both are on SUCH different topics--one is very serious--huffing and inhalants. The other is about horseback riding! That article will discuss options about how to ride if you don't own a horse and what you can do to get lessons for a reduced cost or even for free.

It'll be fun to switch to non-fiction for those pieces. I don't actively query anymore--I just don't have time. I love it when editors send me ideas for pieces they need done. So, I'll be working on that later in the month.

But first--back to book writing!

Hope everyone had a fab weekend!

And, if you haven't already, go congratulate Editor K on signing with an awesome agent. She's a talented writer who doesn't even realize her own potential and I can't wait to see her writing career bloom.

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