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Tell me how're you doing! :)

Hi, all,

How's everyone doing? What's new with you? What are you reading or watching or obsessed with right now?

SHARE! :) I want to know what's going on with you and what's big in your life.

So, the comments are all about you guys! I can't wait to read them.

Much love!



Anonymous said…
i'm watching Pretty Little Liars and The Bachelorette and rereading Sasha's books of Canterwood Crest :)
Not much is new with me. I hurt my back in dance last Friday so I'm out for the rest of the week. I've been reading a book called Wicked (which is about the Wicked Witch of the West) and that's pretty much what I'm obsessing over. I've listened to the soundtrack (the one with Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth) for a whole month now. My friends think I'm crazy but I know they love it as much as I do.
Anonymous said…
I am obsessing with American Girl dolls right now! My mom is suprised that I still play with dolls at my age. I'm not reading any books right now. I've been reading and re-reading Canterwood Crest since school started but I thought I should start something else, but nothing has grabbed my attention. My insparation for writing stopped when I slowed down on reading the Sasha series. Now it's fashion...and not Lauren though. I really want to write a book, but like I said earlier, I don't have my insparation. LOL! I love you Jess! <33
I can not wait for Wellington!
Anonymous said…
Oops! I made a little mistake on the above comment! I meant my insparation for fashion was not from Lauren when I said "not Lauren though." Sorry!
Anonymous said…
I recently brought back my obsession The Saddle Club! And I'm re-reading the entire CCA Series
Jane M said…
I'm re reading all the canterwood crest books for over the 100000000000000000's time so good I'm watching season 8 of how I met your mother and I'm good o getting famous today so happy how did brielle get in to cc tell me
Anonymous said…
I'm currently obsessing over Gossip Girl and reading the second book of the Belles series by Jen Calonita. I'll also be going on vacation to New York in a few more days and I am going spend the fourth of july there :) I'm very excited because I can finally get Famous since I don't live in the states and of course, I cannot wait to read it.
Anonymous said…
Good books to try:

Confectionately Yours series by Lisa Papademetriou

Tourist Trap by Emma Harrison

YA Books by Rachel Hawthorne and Sabrina James

Anonymous said…
i am going to a horse camp this summer and me and some of my friends are saving up for a horse of our own i want my dad to buy famous on his nook but he said i couldn't
Live.Love.Ride Horses :) said…
got a job for the summer at a horse farm coaching a summer riding camp! Whoo! So excited! We're heading out to a fair tomorrow :)
I'm switching off between rereading Canterwood Crest: Take the Reins and The Help and they are both some of my faves!!! My back/neck is all swollen though because I fell off my horse the other day :(. But everything else is going pretty good and I'm LOVING summer!!! Funny thing, I actually had a dream a couple nights ago that I got to meet you and I was SOOOO happy!!! (I hope that didn't creep you out) Well, that's all for now!
Gabi W. said…
Right now, I'm really obsessed with Doctor Who and Sherlock both British television shows. Doctor Who is kind of weird to some people, but my friend and I love it. Sherlock is based on Sir Arthur Connan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes novels, but the TV show is set in current London. As of right now, seasons 1 & 2 are only on Netflix because season 3 will be aired on television in November.

Also, the 100th Tour de France, the biggest pro cycling race in the world, just started today. Some people think it's boring, but it's one of my favourite sports. :)
Anonymous said…
I am reading "The Shunning" by Beverly Lewis and I am obsessing about Americas Got Talent!!!!

Hey I know you don't know who i am but i rather stay Anomyous sry if thts spelled wrong. But you HAVE to make a movie! I may just faint and die right her and right now if there is no movie! I read your blog saying a TV series may come out, but you never said if there would definiatly be one and i have been googling it for hours! PLZ BLOG AGAIN TO LET ME KNOW!
~Megan :)

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