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Princess Bailey

The mood's a little (okay, a lot) down around here. Bailey went into VERG (the local animal ER) on Wednesday. She was breathing really hard, wouldn't walk or get up, and she was throwing up.

After days of waiting for results and some very scary phone calls (poor little girl had to be put in an oxygen cage), we found out that she has lung cancer and kidney disease. The lungs are the most pressing problem because it's hard for her to breathe and she doesn't want to eat.


She's home now and resting. She ate some canned food (yay!) and is looking a little better. We're going to start her on steroids next week. We will keep her as long as she's comfortable. The ultimate and only goal is to give her a humane existence for as long as she feels good.

She is very loved by Kate, Ross, and I.


Sam said…
<3 I'm so sorry! My cat died a few years ago. What he was doing sounds really similar, he was breathing heavily sometimes, throwing up, and not eating. There were good times and bad times, but the vet couldn't diagnose him, and he ended up dying. At least you have a diagnosis! <3 Good luck.
@LovindaHorses said…
Oh boy, I'm so sorry to hear about this! My cat is actually going into surgery tomorrow to try a get rid of a tumor that's been growing on her side since the beginning of summer. Hopefully the surgery goes well <3 And best wishes to your cat! <3
CRocks said…
Oh no! i've always been Bailey's biggest fan. This hard to go through, I know. My cat died from cancer a few years ago because we found out before it was possible to cure her. It sounds like Bailey will be well cared for and healed. I'll be praying for her!
-CRocks who loves Bailey
Anonymous said…
The photos of Bailey are always heart warming, such a good kitty and well loved.
Anonymous said…
So sad to hear that Bailey passed on. I know all of you did your best and she went in peace.
CRocks said…
@Anonymous Bailey is still alive!

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