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Comeback contest!

Hey, all!

Taking a quick break from working on JEALOUSY to post about a new contest (yaay!) for COMEBACK!

The prize? 

One winner will be drawn at random (using a site that mashes numbers and picks one) for a 15 minute Skype chat or phone call with me! 

If you're international, you're eligible to win *if* you have Skype.

Otherwise, if you're in the US, it's up to you if you'd like to video chat via Skype or talk on the phone. (I'll call you so your long distance bill won't go up.) :)

How do you enter? 

Leave a review of COMEBACK on,,, or another site that sells COMEBACK.

After your review is posted, leave a comment here directing me to your review (like, tell me your name that you used to review, where you posted it, date of post, and a link if possible). If you've already reviewed COMEBACK then leave the same info in the comment.

Deadline: September 1, 2012

I will announce the winner on September 2nd! 

Good luck and THANK YOU, Team Canterwood, for helping to spread the word about CC! <3 br="br" xx="xx">


Anonymous said…
I loved and still love comeback I'm now reading for the second time!! My best friend is now reading Canterwood Crest too!
sydney said…
i posted on amazon, heres the link to my post:

as i said, i love the books and im so sad their ending! but at least youll keep writing :)
Connie said…
UGH my local B&N doesn't carry I had my mom drive me to a further, larger, location =D and I will review ASAP!!!! So far Comeback is awesome.
Anonymous said…
I just reviewed Comeback on B&N. It was fabulous as always and I hope that even after Canterwood you will always continue to write!!!!!

My pen name on B&N is Kailey Baxter
Callie said…
I posted it on and my username is CanterwoodFan.... it is still processing though.

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