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Early release of Elite Ambition!!!

It's here! It's here!! ELITE AMBITION released early from Barnes & Noble online! **Link has been updated to the correct book!**

That, sadly, doesn't mean it's in physical stores juuust yet, but it will be soon! Start asking your local bookstores and you'll probably be able to get your copy early. I'm superexcited for you guys to read this one. *Everything* changes.



Best friends.

Ex-best friends.


Sasha's entire life at Canterwood turns upside down in this book. I cannot wait to hear what YOU think on the forum! And, you know, since it's a special day, I'm going to open this post for a week or so and moderate comments. Your comment will not appear right away--I have to screen it for content and/or spoilers, but I'll post them as soon as I read them. It's celebration time, Team Canterwood!

Many, many hugs to all of you for getting me to book # TEN. (Snap!) You guys *are* Canterwood and I can't tell you how much I heart you all. When you get a copy or if you want to freak out with excitement with me, say hi on Twitter to me or Editor K. Or, comment here, on Facebook or wherever you like.

I don't have early copies (sooo sorry!), but if/when I get them, I'll do a giveaway!

Thank you again to everyone at Aladdin for their support--you know who you are.



Sara S said…
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soo exited for EA!I am going to have to order it *right now*! Wow, I cant believe that its Canterwoods 10th book! they have made it so far! I <3 canterwood sooo much! The best sevies ever! Thanks Jessica for writing CCA!

<3 Sara S
Sashasilverfan said…
Omigod after I finish this comment I'm gonna run to my mom and start begging to order! I CAN NOT believe it's out early!! EEEE!! Omigod Jess I love you and your books and you are so amazing! I NEED EA EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!
Morgen said…
I luv u Jess!!!! thankn ya for releasing the book early online!!!!!!! im about to beg my for Hours!!!!!!!!
Holly said…
YAY! Congrats on another great book. . .I so need EA! I can't believe everything's going to turn upside down!


<3, A Huuuge Fan
Thoroughbredstar said…
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to read EA, I <3 the cover and am excited to find out about the new girl. . . . I love CC soooooooooooo much I cannawt wait to read the rest of the books!!!
Sashasilverfan said…
Jess-- the link to barns and noble that you sent was for City Secrets! Uh-oh! And I'm not sure if EA is really out yet online - I'll keep looking.
Oceanbreeze235 a.k.a. Aishah said…
OMG!!!! I can't wait to read it!!!
Adina said…
*SQUEAL* I'm sooooooooo excited about EA. I can't believe that heather would hack into sasha's e-mail like that and e-mail JACOB!!!!of all people. If they got back together i would be upset, because i thought eric was WAAAAAAY better for sasha than jacob. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oceanbreeze235 a.k.a. Aishah said…
Team Jacob rocks!!!
Kathleen said…
Can't wait till it comes out! I read the other ones in less than 6 hours!!!!
Simone said…
I agree with Adina. Eric is way better for sasha.
SassySasha said…
*screams* OH MY GOD I CAN NOT BELEIVE IT IS FINALLY HERE!!! I read all of your other books in only two days! but in a way, im sad. this book coming out means there is only two more left. oooh! heres an idea: WRITE MORE PLZ THEY ARE THE AWSOMEST BOOKS ON EARTH!!! keep writing :)
Oceanbreeze said…
OMG! Check out Dork Diaries Book #2: it has a girl in the costume of Sasha Silver! There's even a lil pic of the costume. It's on page 188! And Jacob is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better (and cute! ;)

Serena said…
Omigawd! Im sooooooo excited for CC #10. Beyond excited!!! Im going to order RIGHT NOW! I luv Canterwood Crest! *hyperventilating* okay i need to calm down!!!! hehe
SassySasha said…
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OMG!!!!! it totally rocked!!! on a scale from one to five(five being the best,one being the worst), i give it a... TEN!!!!!!! beyond amazing! although, you could of ended it differently. now i can't wait for it to come out and this one just did!!!!!canterwood fan forever!!

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