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Finished Best Enemies draft! Finally!

Yeeessss! I *finally* finished drafting BEST ENEMIES! This one took a lot longer (eek) than usual, but there was also a lot going on in my non-writing life. I started BE on March 20, so yeah, that took a while.

Now, I've got lots of editing to do on my own before it gets sent to Editor K. But at least the draft is down and I have words to rearrange and play with. Yay! :)

What're you guys working on? Update me!


Mitch Wallace said…
Congrats, Jessica!

I'm editing my YA novel right now, naming chapters, and generally oscillating between absolutely loving what I've written and thinking it's the worst piece of garbage on the face of the planet. Do you ever have that problem with your Canterwood books? Man, the writer's doubt just devours me when it strikes.

Regardless, I hope to start querying agents soon, and I'll be putting up a synopsis and maybe even the prologue of my book in audio-file form. Feel free to come check it out if you have time.

Good luck with the current project and everything.
Mitch Wallace said…
*EDIT: I meant to say that I'll be putting my book's synopsis and prologue up on my BLOG soon. Jeez, all this editing must be rotting my brain!
Awesome! Cant wait for it!

(I just bought "Take the Reins" to day and read the first 2 chapters. Sasha and her lip gloss addiction remind me of my best friend!)

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