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Pics of Behind the Bit!

Callie and Black Jack

Sneaky Alison

A final copy of BEHIND THE BIT (May 19, 2009)!!! Yaaaay! My favorite part is the expression on Alison's face on the back cover. She's totally up to something...oh, snap.

Again, sparkles must be bestowed upon Kate Angelella, Jessica Handelman, Monica Stevenson & crew and everyone at Aladdin MIX (only the coolest, best imprint ever) who worked on BEHIND THE BIT. Thank you all for working so hard on my books! And I've told EK a million times, but it's worth repeating, she's seriously brilliant. She comes up with the coolest tag lines that are beyond perfect for the books.

Holding a finished copy of my third (OMG) book is no less exciting than when I got copies of TAKE THE REINS. It's the most intense/wow/amazing feeling to see the finished book.

Happy sigh. :)


nova said…
Congrats! I love that expression on the back cover... WHAT is she up to??

And I second the sparkles for EK. When we get done with her, she'll be picking sparkles out of her hair for years!
yabooknerd said…
Sweet. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy.
Thanks, Nova! And yes, sparkle party for EK!

Thanks, Jen! :)
Bookworm said…
OMG yayyyyyyz! I love how it looks--your books are always so gorgeous and perfect! Congrats!
Leefatay said…
I've seen better
Leefatay, I know you have. :) I'll kick you later.
thanks for the pics! And, I love that look on her face on the back cover! by the way, do you know the girls who model for the covers?

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