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Take the Reins ARC!!!

Presenting...the advanced reader copies (ARC) of TAKE THE REINS (CANTERWOOD CREST)

*insert screams here*

The crazy-beautiful spine...

I grabbed TTR and took it to the library to show my fav librarians, but...the library was closed. As it is EVERY Monday. How long have I lived here?!

Let's just pose with the book at the library anyway!

And if pictures aren't's a vlog! :)


anilee said…
w00t! *confetti falls* Congrats!

(I probably would have forgotten the library was closed on Mondays too in my excitement upon receiving the ARCs of my very first novel. Although, really, libraries should be open all the time; one could have a book emergency. :P)
Thanks! I was so excited that I completely forgot! :)

And yes--what if it had been a book emergency?!
Chelsea said…
Ahh! How awesome! Congrats! :)
Khyrinthia said…
Yay! That's awesome.Are you going to show them off tomorrow at the library?
stephhale said…
Congrats, Jessica. That's SO exciting. :)
Stephanie J said…
WOOHOOO!!!!! That's so freakin' exciting! I'm so, so, so happy that it's in your hands. I'm sure it's one of the neatest moments. I can't wait until I can see it on the shelves! :)
Anonymous said…
That's so exciting!!! WOO!
Barrie said…
It is gorgeous! Thanks for the pics!
Melissa Walker said…
Yay! Huge congrats. Love the vlog!
Brooke Taylor said…
It's Gorgy!!! How exciting! Will you be having any contests?
Bookworm said…
I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to receive/read the ARC! Plus I love the description on the back of the book: "The Clique meets the Saddle Club"....oooh!

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