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Book Review: Lament by Maggie Stiefvater

Recently, I finished debut YA author Maggie Stiefvater's LAMENT. Faeries. Tension. Romance. Thrill. LAMENT has all of those and more. The book opens with sixteen-year-old Dee Monaghan trying not to, well, throw up from stage fright. (A girl after my own heart! We both share that pesky stage fright thing...) But lucky Dee gets a beyond gorgeous guy to swoop in and help her feel better.

The tension between Dee and Luke (the previously mentioned hot guy) is INSANE. (Damn, Maggie! Seriously!) I was getting Edward and Bella hotness vibes.

Maggie turns up the heat and makes LAMENT a page turner when Dee discovers she's a cloverhand--one who can see faeries. This sets Dee, her family and her friends on a dangerous path with killer faeries on the loose.

Do Dee and Luke stick together and make it out alive? You'll have to read LAMENT to find out!

Maggie's writing is edgy, fresh and beautiful. The book has several lovely illustrations and after reading LAMENT, it made me realize just how perfect the cover is for the story.

I absolutely can't wait until BALLAD comes out in fall 2009. I'll be begging Maggie for an ARC! :)


lkmadigan said…
Great review! Can't wait to read it.

TJ Brown said…
Wow! This sounds so good!

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