Saturday, April 20, 2013

YouTube Contest!

While we wait for the publication of FAMOUS on June 11th, I think it's time for a CONTEST! :)


You must be a US resident (So sorry international readers!) to win a prize
International readers CAN enter, but if you do win, you won't be able to receive your prize
There are no age restrictions
You must have a working e-mail address so I can get in touch with you if you win


Create a YouTube video that's 3 minutes or less about anything Canterwood! Get creative!

Upload it to your YouTube channel and e-mail me the LINK, NOT the video. I don't have room in my inbox! :)

Send the link to jess_burkhart AT hotmail DOT com

Put "YouTube Contest" in the subject of your e-mail

The deadline is May 5th, 2013.

That gives you one month! :) No entries will be accepted after that.


You don't need a fancy, expensive program to create a video. For PC users, you can use Windows Movie Maker, if you like, and it comes free with your computer. I'm sure MAC has a similar program.

Three winners will be chosen based on:

* Creativity. Some ideas: discuss your fave character and why, talk about your fave book, do a slideshow of book covers, shoot yourself with your horse and a copy of your fave CC book, create a trailer for one of the books . . . you can do anything! Just keep it 3 minutes or less!

* Following all the rules. Any entries that don't won't be accepted.

* Capturing the Canterwood spirit!

* I will choose the winner. The decision will be posted here on May 12th OR May 19th depending on how many entries I receive.


Three winners will have their choice of ONE of the following:

A phone call from me

A Skype session with me

A signed copy of FAMOUS


You must put your first name and first initial of your last name in your e-mail with your video link along with your age. I'll post the video on my blog and credit it like "Amanda K. age 11"

I will TRY to post all videos on my blog after the winners have been announced so you all can see the awesomeness that I know will be created. :)

GOOD LUCK! Post any questions you have here and I'll get to them ASAP! If you could blog, Tweet, Facebook, etc. about the contest, I'd so appreciate it!


4 shout outs:

Kusanar said...

Ah man, it's tempting to enter...but I feel like I'm too old haha (even though I'm only a few years older than you.) If I won, all I'd want to talk about would be publishing and writing craft since I'm trying to break into the publishing world.

Violet and Ruby said...

Oh, please--you're never too old for tween books. :) They make up most of my reading list. You should totally enter! I'd love to talk publishing/craft if you won.

Violet and Ruby said...

(Oops. This is Jess just signed in as Violet and Ruby!) :)

Nora said...

Yay, cool contest! Am totally signing up. Hey Jess, I have a quick question, if you don't mind answering, cause I know you are super, super busy with writing and everything but: I'm a tween/teen author and I want to find a way to get published.. how did you do it?
If you don't mind! And tell Kate to get better- and I'm so reading the unicorn series, plus Wellington! Okay, I've been rambling :)

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