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For teachers and librarians

Hi, all!

I am in the process of turning my usual Skype lecture into a DVD. It will run about an hour long and will include some of the following:

Talking about how to form an idea
A brief discussion of the correct way to format a manuscript
What revision REALLY mean
The argument that one is never too you to begin writing
Debate over whether or not to outline
Common FAQ

and details that are a work in progress.

I've had several librarians, teachers, book clubs, and even students who want to learn all they can about writing.

I intend for there to be several DVDs so viewers are not overwhelmed. I've used much of this material during classroom Skype visits, but the DVDs will go into much greater detail, show actual edited pages from my manuscripts.

As for the intended audience, both boys and girls, likely ages 7-16. Every writer has a different skill level, maturity, and I will not be talking down to older viewers nor covering super simple topics for a younger audience.

If you, or someone you know is interested in the first DVD in my collection as well to inquire about price, please contact me at jess _ burkhart AT gmail DOT com.

I'd love it if you'd repost this blog and alert others of a project that I'm incredibly passionate about that will help young writers.



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