Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Write with me this weekend--Twitter style

I'm dedicating pretty much my entire weekend to writing. I'm working on MASQUERADE and doing #1k1hr with friends has been awesome. This weekend, though, what if we try smaller goals? I propose:

Write Your Book Twitter Style!

Every time you write 140 *words* (I changed it from Twitter's 140 characters) you get a point. All weekend, keep track of your points and feel free to share them here, Tweet, Facebook or whatever you like. Just know there will be someone else doing it, too. :)

If you Tweet about it, hashtag it with #140words.

Anyone want to commit? :)

4 shout outs:

Lisa T(@LovindaHorses) said...

That would be so cool!!! Great idea! :) sadly im not starting a book or anything so no can do :'(

Adina said...

sounds fun i might just do that because i have a book i need to be working on actually. I'm getting popular this weekend, too excited!!!!!!!!!!

Katharine Swan said...

Unfortunately, I'm stuck in the research stage on my novel, so I can't join you this weekend... but did you know NaNoWriMo now has the contest in June and August? It's called Camp NaNoWriMo. I just found out about it today and I'm planning on doing it in June -- that will hopefully force me to get my revisions on November's novel done so that I can start the sequel!

I actually found out about you from a list of published NaNo novels, and ever since you've been an inspiration to me in November, so I thought I'd tell you about Camp NaNoWriMo... And maybe next time you do 140 words I'll be able to join you!

Jessica Burkhart said...

Checking in! :) It's Sat at 7:25pm EST and I've got 9 points. (1381 words divided by 140).

Hope everyone's doing awesome! :)

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