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Friday, May 18, 2012

Signed copies at Barnes & Noble (Union Square) NYC

Yesterday, I signed the above copies of various Canterwood books at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. It was my first visit to the 4 story store and it's awesome! :) If you want to grab a copy or reserve one, def head over or have someone pull a book from the shelf. :)

4 shout outs:

Dappled Gray Girl said...

Whooooooooooaaa! Thats cool. Yet another reason to take another vacay to NYC!

Connie said...

Wish I could come...but seeing as I'm living across the country in CA and am in the middle of state tests......=(. Come to the Bay Area sometime!!!!!! Love Popular, and arghhh, another cliffhanger....!!!!

Adina said...

omg i wish i could of been there. I need to read popular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MaryKate said...

Dude, come to MA! I seriously need you to come I am dying here! Though i would love an excuse to go to New York city because New York=my fav place on earth, dragging the 'rents to NYC would take serious bribing! Please please please with a cherry on top and a giant squirt of whipped cream ask me anything about CCA and i will know. The most remote ? I will know it! <3 MaryKate

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