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My TBR pile calls to me . . .

I am soo bad about reading right now! I'm book hopping like crazy because my TBR pile is SO good! I've got Holly Black's RED GLOVE that I'm dying to start. The cover alone makes me want to drink a gallon of coffee and stay awake until I finish it. But I'm already reading two other books.

I just started Richelle Mead's SPIRIT BOUND. I am hopelessly in love with this series. It's fast-paced, dark, romantic...not to mention the vampires. I got hooked on it later than most, but I'm glad I have a couple left to read before the series ends.

I also just started Denise Jaden's LOSING FAITH. Isn't the cover beautiful? I'm intrigued by the concept and thought it would be good to read a stand-a-lone while reading another book in a series to mix it up.

What's calling to you from your TBR pile? Or, what are you reading now? Share!

PS: I have to copy Kate and say how freaking excited I am for RED RIDING HOOD.
Cannot wait to see it especially since Catherine Hardwicke directed it. Girl power! :)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend, all!



kacie farris said…
Hello!!! canterwood crest!!! And just ended THE HUNGER GAMES series only three books but G.R.E.A.T.i dont like the last book to SAD but the first two OMG.
MaDdY said…
What book is calling me...humm???
I'd say....the scary stories book that I haven't read yet. It is REALLY awesome and I L.O.V.E. scary books/movies!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I'm reading the Black Stallion series and I LOVE IT! I not a huge fan of the second one, but books 1 and 3 are really cool. I finished reading Secret Sabotage (awesome, Editor K!) and I want to read the rest!
CrossCountryGirl said…
I'm reading Nobody's Prize by Esther Friesner! It's pretty good, but no the best. I just recently finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett, A northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly, and Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly. All 3 of those books are soo good! And of course, Canterwood books spread over my entire bookshelf! I can't wait until Chosen! Thanks so much Jess!!!
DancingQueen said…
Hey! I'm uber excited to see Red Riding Hood too, but mostly because Amanda Seyfried stars in it, lol. I'm really into the Little House On The Prairie books right now.
Adina said…
Totally I know how you feel Jess. @kacie farris ikr i loved the hunger games, those three books were AWESOME. Pure awesomeness all the way. I totally love Vampire Academy I read the last one it was epic and awesome. My mom dosen't like me reading those types of things, but hey im not 4 anymore, time to bring on the so not twlight vampires!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S Love Dimitri, all the way

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