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Unfriendly Competition in less than a month!

Woow! Our farewell to Sasha Silver countdown begins! I love her so much, but this is a new, exciting chapter for Canterwood. Editor K and I are putting everything we've got into Chosen and the new books and I think Team Canterwood will love the mix of everything Canterwood-related. :)

I'll be giving away signed copies when I get them, so stay tuned. I'll also be signing stock of the already released books at my Barnes & Noble soon. So, if you want one and you're in the area, stop by to grab one off the shelf.

Opening the comments here...what's your favorite Sasha moment?


Anonymous said…
Wow! Can't wait to read Unfriendly Competition!
Kaitlin said…
I would have to say the part were Sasha gets busted for "kissing" Jacob even though she didn't i love how there's sooooo much drama in one stop. Also when she's dating Eric and he sets up their date in the barn and its soooo cute and romantic and then they kiss for like ever.
Sophie a.k.a Sashasilverfan said…
My favorite Sasha moment...hmmm....that's kinda hard. I think my favorite was when Sasha made the YENT with Charm. I also liked when she first came to Canterwood and she was globbing on strawberry long ago...

I ALSO liked when Callie and Sasha went on their first trail ride together, and when Eric and Sash sprayed each other with the hose while washing Charm. From SRL, my fave moment was the Haunted Trail Ride. Another moment I enjoyed was Sash and Brit's first trail together.

So many moments... anyways, can't wait for UC!! PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEE tell us soon who's gonna narrate #13-16 Jess!! PLEASE!! I really want to know and am dying to find out!! Please think about announcing it soon cuz I'm *literally* dying here. It's all me and my crazy Canterwood BFFs talk about and we really really want to know!! <3333
Adina H. said…
Yay, first comment. Well i cant say what my fav. sasha moment is even though every moment of her is AWESOME. But i'll be sad to see sasha go. I still need to get SRL, but i dont worry i should get it soon don't spoil anything for me. I think when sasha first meets bri i think thats the best sasha moment. I love how they soon become the best of friends :D(Can't wait for the signed copies!)
Anonymous said…
I loved Sasha in CS!!! I also always loved her when she was with Jacob. GO TEAM JACOB!!!
CrossCountryGirl said…
My fave Sasha moment is in Triple Fault, when Eric brings Sasha on a date and they have dessert in the hayloft. That part is just so romantic, and Eric and Sasha are such a cute couple!
Anonymous said…
When she and Jacob have a "cat-fight". Mrow...I haven't gotten a chance to read Scandals, Rumors, Lies but it's in my local library. Will head to the website now...

Good luck!!!


Anonymous said…
My fav Sasha moment was were she was in the car on her first day of CCA and she was looking through her lipgloss stash and trying to find the right lipgloss!!! I love her over obsetion to lip gloss!!!!

~I<3CCA! :D
Anonymous said…
Favorite Sasha part...that is a really hard question. I'm gonna have to think about that and get back with my answer.
Anonymous said…
I have to agree with so many others and say when she had her first date with Eric; so cute! Also when she and Charm made the YENT. Could you please explain again why you're not going to use Sasha's voice anymore? Thanks and good luck!
Anonymous said…
I loved Sasha's dates with Jacob and Eric, all of City Secrets, and all the times when she hangs out with Brit.
Anonymous said…
my fave part is well sasha and eric go to her room and hang out after the dance. and also when paigh callie and sasha have a meeting with eachother to talk. but my all time fave eric kissed sasha and def haunted trail ride :)! i lthink all over them are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i<33333333333333CAA!!!:D

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