Monday, November 3, 2008

PJ Hoover giveaway winners!

We have two winners in PJ Hoover's giveaway!

Cyndi and The Not So Closet Geeks

Yay! Please e-mail me at jessica [at] jessicaburkhart [dot] com by Wednesday afternoon with your address. I'll pass that to PJ and you'll get your prize!

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to PJ for stopping by. PJ, you were a lovely guest and please come back!

I'm in crazy editing mode and am making progress on BEHIND THE BIT. When I get in this obsessive mode, I stop reading. I just got a great pile of books (Valiant, The Gargoyle, Rumors) and am so wiped out from my own editing that I just don't feel like reading. I read zero pages over the weekend--I think that's a first!

That said, the manuscript progress is exciting and I had a fab weekend!

Good luck NaNoing friends! Anyone got a word count that they want to share? The site has been soooo slow, so I haven't even listened to Chris's latest WriMoRadio yet. Off to try it now...

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Mary Danielson said...

Ack! This weekend was so crazy with family get-together shenanigans - and, okay, maybe a lot of headband making too. ;) So, my Nano word count is woefully low so far - hovering around 1500k.

In other news though, you've been given the "I Love Your Blog!" award over at First Edition, Jess. Congratulations!

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