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HEATED a Canterwood Crest e-novella coming August 2013!

Coming August 2013 . . . 

Forget "fun in the sun!" Canterwood girls are all about hard work--and the competition is about to get . . . HEATED. 

A Canterwood e-novella that occurs between BEST ENEMIES (#5) and LITTLE WHITE LIES. 

Follow Sasha, Heather, and Jasmine to the Youth Equestrian National Team summer training camp in Florida!

More to come! I'm soooo excited to bring this e-novella to you! I'm writing and Editor K is editing so you're in for a superfun summer treat!


Anonymous said…
Wait what? August 2013?! Do my eyes deceive me? When's the release date? OMG, August is only a few days away!! Yay! I can't wait! Now I have something to read while waiting for November 12 (HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! By the way- I am so so so excited for it!)
Can't wait for it to come out!!
Gwen H said…
How much are they going to cost. I f they don't cost to much I might go get an ereader!!!
Depending on the length, the price will be $.99 to $1.99!
Anonymous said…
When is it coming out? And for an e-reader, a kindle would work, right?
Anonymous said…
OMG This is one of the best posts ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Brittany
Anonymous said…
Just saw this and freaked out! Omg! Do you know the release date yet?
AnnaLea Gayle said…
Just I'm time for my birthday!!!
Caramel said…
is this going 2 be printed? it has 2 be!!! 'rents dont let me have ebook!
Anonymous said…
This is awesome! I just finished reading Best Enemies. Now I can read Heated and then read Little White Lies. This is perfect! Do you have an official release date yet? I NEED to get this book!

Gwen H said…
Amazing price. I can totally afford that. Thank you!!!!
Anonymous said…
It's not out yet. :'( I hope it doesn't come out on the last day of August. Please don't make all us Team Canterwood members wait that long!!! We're all dying to hear from Sasha again :)
Sasha Silver said…
Do you know the official release date? I am jumping up and down!
Anonymous said…
When will heated be released? Will it be available on kindle? So excited!!
Anonymous said…
Would it work on ibooks or the kindle app?! I'm so so excited!!
Jamie Wright said…
Wait, is this released yet? I CAN'T FIND IT!!

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