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Long time no blog!

It's been crazy busy since I last blogged! I turned in the final draft of CC #18 and am working on the outline for HOME FOR CHRISTMAS.

There are SO MANY EXCITING THINGS I want to tell you guys!!!! I can't share two of them yet, but I can tell you one:

Canterwood books 1-8 were picked up by France for foreign publication! What does that mean? It means the first eight books will be translated into French, might get new covers, and will be sold in France. Squeak! :D

Um, let me think . . .  I want to give you guys hints about the other ridic cool news.

One is horse related. :) :) :) Nothing to do with Canterwood or Wellington Prep.

The other is quite a fantasy come true. :)

Hope I can share soon!

xoxo and be safe if you're in Nemo's (silly name, right?!) path.


Anonymous said…
ahhh! Can't wait! Blog soon!!!
CRocks said…
Yay! So happy you blogged! I'm anxiously waiting for Jealousy to come out, and I'm prob going to pre-order it.
Awesome about the books being sold in France! I think every counrty should read Canterwood!
Keep up the good work, Jess (aka my role model)!
Lauryn G said…
So excited about them being translated!
I hope next German will be available!

Is it just my imagination, or will you be riding a horse again???? :)
That would be insanely AWESOME!
Anonymous said…
I'm going to take a random guess, Kate's better and you get to start riding again!! If its true, I'm extremely pumped for you guys! (This does mean, if its true, wellington prep will be releasing soon?!)

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