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The POPULAR countdown begins!

Hi, Team Canterwood!

Happy Monday to you all. If you celebrated it, I hope your Easter weekend was fun! Anyone get amazing candy? I want to hear about it! What's your fave kind?

Kate and I are at a hotel in Rochester, MN (for Mayo) and the hotel was sweet enough to give us Easter eggs with jelly beans inside. Yum!

My fave candies are: Strawberry Twizzlers, malted milk chocolate eggs, Junior Mints, Snickers, Sour Patch Kids, and...ooops, LOL, went off on a candy tangent!

Kate and I have been away from home for more than a month. It's been extremely hard on her, but she's doing everything she can at doctor appointments. Please keep her in your thoughts. 

I'm going to sign books (stock signing--not a set signing with time and date) at the Rochester, MN Barnes & Noble downtown and at the Apache Mall. Hope to do that soon!

Also, I can't believe we're *20* days away from the release of POPULAR!!! Eeeek! Knowing book stores, I bet it'll be closer to 10 or 12 days. :)

As Lauren and Khloe would say, "Hope your day isn't Madness Monday." 



Anonymous said…
I can't wait for Popular!!!!! I hope Kate feels better <3. Did the doctors find a cure yet? I hope they do soon if they didn't yet. I was also wondering if Kate would be able to sign Popular for a contest. I think a lot of people would want a signed book of a very strong and determined person who is the editor of the best series ever!! I know I would enter!!
Anonymous said…
Oh and I almost forgot... I got a chocolate bunny, a paintball lollypop, Nerds, and a bunch of chocolate eggs for Easter. Thanks Easter Bunny!! :)
Adina said…
omg i can not WAIT 4 popular. I read the whole series over in preparation for it :D. I want to see how lauren's drama plays out. Easter was good, my family had a quiet celebration at home. I really hope kate gets better, i'll be praying for here <3
Anonymous said…
I hope Kate starts to feel better. I can't wait for the release of Popular. I got most of my friends in on the series and they're completely addicted. I'm so happy I have people that have to wait the agonizing wait for the next book. my friends include Brianna, Maryn, and Lucia, I hope they find this post. lov ya guys ;^P

Oh and I love, love, love, love Reese's Peanut butter chocolate eggs
Dappled Gray Girl said…
My favorite candy is Hershey's Chocolate, Skittles, and Palmer's Biggy Ears Easter Bunny! It's YUMMY.
I am soooooo upset because my local library doesn't have Initiation yet! GRR!
PS Tell Paige to blog. She only has 2 posts.
Connie said…
Ohh, I can't WAIT until Popular!! I like Sasha better, but I've only read two books narrated by her so who knows...I hope Kate is well soon! I wish I could send her my good wishes from California. And, yeah, I live in CA so I can't go to your book signing, my parents would NEVER let me...hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter, I don 't celebrate it but it sounds fun.
Anonymous said…
I am so excited for popular!!!!!! AAaahhhhhhhhh! I've been waiting since iniation came out. I hope Kate get's well soon and I kind of know your position.Because I have been to the mayo clinic twice, for my brother. You & kate are a great team and thanks for creating the best books ever.
Anonymous said…
I love the Canterwood Crest series, and I can't wait for Popular to come out!! Is Kate feeling any better? As for Easter candy goes, I got skittles and Reese's.
KENDALL!!! said…

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