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Writing like a crazy person!

What's everyone up to this weekend? Promise to blog more as soon as COMEBACK is finished! :) :)



Anonymous said…
So glad ur writing Comeback!!!
Can't wait until Popular is out!!!
Anonymous said…
I love xc skiing...and its a nice weekend!
:) Good luck on finishing Comeback!!!! But who is the CONTEST WINNER??
Jessi :) said…
Were all excited for you!!!!! Have fun!
Adina said…
nothing much really over here, just about to paint my nails <3. Keep on writing comback jess, i soooooo can't wait to get popular and wat happened with LT and her friends
Violet and Ruby said…
So glad you're all doing well! I miss chatting. :)

Dappled Gray Girl--all the contest winners were emailed! :)

Violet and Ruby said…
So glad you're all doing well! I miss chatting. :)

Dappled Gray Girl--all the contest winners were emailed! :)

Anonymous said…
Yay a blog post!
This weekend I had horseback riding. I rode a cute bay pony and we jumped a broken line.
Good luck writing Comeback!
Anonymous said…
I just finished Initiation! Can't wait until Popular is out! My friends and I are making a movie inspired by you. It'll be on YouTube soon.
Anonymous said…
Ugh...FINALLY you posted :) I was beginning to get worried...:p Glad to hear that you're coming along :D
Connie said…
Yay! You posted!!!! I was checking this blog a ton and wondering if you had started a new blog or something. Can't wait for Popular!!! And good luck on writing Comeback, and Masquerade, Jealousy, One, and the other books. I'm sure they'll be amazing, as always.
Angry said…
Geez, were that busy??? I can't believe you let us go for so long! :( What's up with that? Just don't do it again...or I'll stop following.
Anonymous said…
You go angry! I feel the same way!

To. Sashasulver101. Can't wait to watch the vid!!! ;^p
Isabella said…
Check out my blog~

I hope you like it
Anonymous said…
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Cheer Champ said…
I....just got done at a cheer competition (1st place!!). Went out for a party afterwards and watched our Varsity win best team in the U.S.A. And pretty much just hanging out. Yeh not much...
Anonymous said…
To all the fans:
check out for all things Canterwood. Everyone there is nice and its just awesome!!! :)

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