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3 NEW cover reveals! Plus, extra special surprise!


 Clare and Lauren

#18 ONE (See cover #15 in yesterday's post)
 Clare and New Girl
Holiday special! HOME FOR CHRISTMAS
Clare and Lauren 

I have the full covers and they're GORGEOUS. Thank you so, so much Jessica Handelman, Monica Stevenson and my fabulous models. Many hearts!

So, ready for *another surprise*? The real life model who plays the New Girl on the right side of cover #18 is on Twitter! She's a big fan of the series and was soooo excited when she was booked to model for the covers. We've exchanged several emails and Tweets and she's the sweetest girl. I'm not going to give up her character name yet, but . . . wanna follow her on Twitter? Find her here! Let's show her some love and welcome her into the Canterwood family! :)


Sam Newman =D said…
OMG Jess, I LOVE them. :) And, YAY, another super special!!!!! :D
yabooknerd said…
LOVE the new covers! Super gorgeous, as usual!!!
Anonymous said…
They are sooooo awesome! I'm reading initiation, and I love when Lauren narrates. I love her character more then Sasha. she's more... realistic.
Anonymous said…
Yeah! More cover shots! I am so excited for the Holiday Super Special, you must be super busy!!So loving all the models and their clothes.I am half way through re-reading Initiation. What a great book.
Kacie Farris said…
Chloe said…
OMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THEM TO BE OUT NOW!!!! also i loved how you dedicated Initiation to Drew i wish i could meet him he sounds like the best guy every!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!!!!! They're SUPER GORGE!!!!!!!!!! ♥
Athena said…
These covers are so not gorgouse. There hideous and cheap and fake. And I love canterwood crest.
Anonymous said…
Didn't in Initiation Clare had RED hair????????
horselover01 said…
I LOVE these covers!!! :D omg, 2013 is wayyy too long to wait! i'm excited to read them just by looking at the covers!!! btw, when does popular come out so i can start counting down? :P
Adina H. said…
omg those covers are absoletuly lovely :D, i cant wait to read each and every one of them. and OMG there is a xmas special edition that is soooooooo AWEZOME :D. I really like the masquerade cover though, very mysterious :]
Anonymous said…
who is the horse in the holiday special?
Anonymous said…
The covers are the prettiest yet!!!! They are all so beautiful and somewhat tempting...
I especially love the Holiday special ( I can't wait for it, either), and love the models! They look just like the characters I imagine in my head.
Is it ever different for you, though, since you probably have a pretty clear picture of the characters in your mind?
I would be such a control freak and want to write my books and design the covers, which probably doesn't fly in the real world!
Anyway, congratulations for everything you have accomplished against all odds. You are such an inspiration and role model!
Anonymous said…
Please keep going with the books FOREVA!!!!
Anonymous said…
What a coincidence you talked about Beauty and the Beast in Initiation and the 3D version of Beauty and the Beast is just being released.I saw B&B on Ice in Virginia and ate a snowcone from a Chip Cup!!!
Anonymous said…
Lovely! Nice job, Jess. And am I the last person to read Initiation? Gorgeous!
Joni said…
SQUEELS! These covers are such fun! ...but such a tease, too... Can't wait to dive into Canterwood's stories again!
Anonymous said…
I haven't read Initiation yet- I'm waiting for it from a friend. But I'm very excited to read it. These covers are beautiful! The models are SO pretty. But I'm confused about one thing- isn't Clare supposed to be Lauren's enemy.. She's on all the covers! Oh well, maybe I'll find out in Initiation. Thank you so much for writing these novels. They are so good!
Scarlett said…
Okay, honest opinion here:

The covers are okay, nothing too special.

The models are NOT PRETTY AT's face is waaay too small, one's is plain weird, and the other has a humongous forehead!

Clare looks different on every cover...she's way prettier (but still not the prettiest) on the Initiation side than she is on these covers. Think about fixing that.

I have no idea how half of the models got booked, but let me say something, I know a girl who is way gorgeous and fits the part of Lauren much better than that model does. She should have been booked.

Again, honest opinion only. I agree with Athena, and maybe you guys should consider my friend Katia as a model for Lauren.

Thanks for reading my criticism!
Anonymous said…
i love the new covers laurn is so relateable i love her more than sasha
Piisyummy said…
Absolutely no offense intended to anybody who helped contribute to the covers, but I've seen a significant decline in the appeal of these covers since Canterwood has transcended to a new generation of characters.

Let me put this bluntly: there needs to be a more proficient level of editing and photo manipulation. Almost all of the [new] covers give me a sense of disproportion and above all, dissatisfaction, and the fact that the models and horses were pasted into the background is unacceptably too conspicuous.

Masquerade bothered me the most, honestly. The masks looked juvenile and I didn't see the point of a moose pillow on an outdoor bench.

As I posted on HorseMystic (the awesome Canterwood Crest forum) -- you can read my full review of the covers here (mind you, it's somewhat sarcastic as I was feeling cynical that day) -- there were things about each cover that I got miffed at.

Again, I'm not intending to hurt anybody's feelings. If anything, I would like the cover designers to perhaps come across this comment and realize that some fans (particularly on the older end of the target audience--people who really should have outgrown this series but are sticking with it because we love it) expect a more quality cover. I am of course still a Canterwood Crest fan (however, I have yet to read the books past Chosen as I haven't gotten around to visiting the bookstore since last year, though I am looking forward to it) but the covers just need something more.

Thank you for reading this.
Molly said…
LOVE the Christmas one! But sad: it ends at 20 books!!!

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