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Let's address some rumors

There has been some chatter online (forums, blogs, etc.) about why dominate hasn't been released, why Canterwood is taking longer to come out, etc.

I realize you guys on Team Canterwood don't know, so of course you're going to wonder. I would, too!

First, Canterwood is no longer on a bi-monthly publication schedule. This was a choice made by my publisher which I agreed to. Writing a book every 6 weeks was a killer and with the books coming out every 4 months instead of every 2, the product will be that much better.

Second, Editor K is seriously ill. Like, we have to go out of state to a special hospital ill. She is going through a medical crisis where her life is at risk. Because of this, we have postponed dominate until she is well. Dominate is not something I would ever write on my own--it's a collaboration with my writing partner and the product will not be ready until Kate is feeling better and I am ready to write it with her.

I know some of you are frustrated and wondering what happened with dominate. I understand (I do!), but nothing comes before caring for and being with my bestie in a time of need. I hope that's something you can understand.

We will get dominate to you as soon as we can, but for now, our main focus is what it should be: getting Kate well.

I hope you all can understand and hope that during this time, you can send thoughts of well-wishes to Editor K. She deserves them more than anyone.


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