Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thank you

Quick early morning post:

I wanted to offer my sincerest thank yous to those who created the "A day of Prayer" page for Kate on Facebook. It . . . I can't even describe what that means to me. I've always had the overwhelming support of Team Canterwood, but to have you all back my best friend in the same way is something I'll never forget.

I'm going to be away for a while starting May 15 as I'll be in Rochester, Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic with Kate. I don't know how long I'll be gone. I'll have my BlackBerry so I'll have access to e-mail and I'll probably take my laptop, so I might be blogging to update you all from there.

Also, I hope to get to the post office tomorrow or Monday to mail the Chosen cover flats. Bear with me as I will not leave Kate alone during the day if it is unsafe to leave her. So, the flats will be mailed as soon as I can.

Next week is gonna be crazy busy as Kate and I prep for Mayo--lots of hotel, flight, packing, paperwork, etc., to finalize. Traveling is so hectic and I'm hoping it'll be as stressful as possible for Kate.

I'm planning on bringing warm clothes (I'm ALWAYS) freezing, but I better look up the MN weather, too.

On a much happier note, we got HBO so we can attend Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tomorrow night at 9! I am so. freaking. excited. I'm DVRing it and will probably play it a zillion times, especially when I write. Hopefully, that'll be soon. I was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, which is kind of a fancy name for tennis elbow. On top of my already bad carpal tunnel, I get these stabbing pains in my elbow and my fingers can't hold a pencil when it's really bad.

I'm really supposed to be off of the computer for at least two weeks, but I couldn't help but blog tonight.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



Sam N. said...

Awww! I joined the event. :) poor Kate, though!!! :( And I hope your elbow gets better! That must be *SUPER* annoying. But, still have fun watching Lady Gaga!!!! :) <3


Anonymous said...

So sorry about Kate. Glad you are with her. Bless you both.

Adina said...

cool, sorry about Kate i hope everythings ok and i hope ur elbow gets better too Jess. Have fun in MN :)

CanterwoodCrest1000 said...

I hope both you and Kate feel better soon! God bless you both!

horsecrazybookworm said...

Let Kate feel better!! What does she have?

(I didn't like the concert. I watched some of it,but it wasn't that great.)

Suz said...

Hope Kate gets better! I would die if that happened to my BFF. Also, do you post all pictures that have been sent to you? Because I sent mine to you but it hasn't been posted... just wondering. :)

horsecrazybookworm said...

Did you include permission from your parents? That might be why.

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

@Suz--I sent you an email. There are a few pics I haven't had time to post yet, but I didn't receive yours.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Maddi on facebook. I made the page 'Kate A get well soon' and the event, and I'm so supper glad you and Kate got to see :) I went through some medical stuff when I was younger and I knwo that the support of others can sometimes be the best medicine ever :)

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