Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Look at Jayllex M.'s pic!

Thank you so much, Jayllex M. for sending your contest entry! Your bay is gorgeous and I, you know, might be a little in love with your pink and white lead rope. :)

Keep the pics coming guys! It's making me feel so much closer to you all--to put a face to the readers I get e-mails from. It's really the coolest thing.

Kate has a big test today at Mayo. Yesterday was not a great day, but we're trying to shake it off and start fresh today. #TeamKate's running on nerves and adrenaline, I think. Or at least, I am.

We got a DVD player for the hotel room, which has been awesome. We restarted GLEE season 1 on Blueray which has tons of extra footage. We also brought 2 seasons of MAKE IT OR BREAK IT, STICK IT, BURLESQUE and a bunch of other chick flicks. :)

Kate sends her love to all of you and thanks you from the bottom of her heart for the Facebook notes and blog comments. I show her every single one. You all make her feel sparkly and special.

I've been using my time in the waiting room to respond to emails from Team Canterwood. I need the distraction and writing you all has been so nice. I've sent about 25 emails and have about 1005 left to go. :) I've read them all, I just haven't been able to respond because of my writing schedule.

What are you guys up to? Are you out of school yet or just about finished? What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?



PS: Have you watched THE VOICE? At first, I was like, "No way." Then I watched an episode and it's a fantastic show! I'm glad Christina Aguilera is back on her feet. She's crazy talented.


Suz said...

I just *know* that Kate will be ok! Also, We get out of school on June 9th. June 4th is the possibly biggest day of my life! My friend Sam & I, (and our moms) are going to the Glee live concert!!!! We are so excited! It's my first concert. My friend Sereina comes from her home in PA to visit us over the summer and I'm excited to hang out w/her. My bestie Kara is in Arizona right now. *Pouts* Lucky. My best wishes to you all! P.S., thanks so so so much for posting my picture!

Tom said...
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MaDdY said...

'm going to the beach friday. We have a half day friday cuz its the last day of school! Ah! and i'm so excited cuz I made the cheerleading team and I just improved my backbend!!! Today was an awesome day and I hope that Kate feels better! All my love to her! And i am also babysitting, doing cheerleading, gymnastics, and working at a place in Folsom, Louisiana where you help kids with disabilities ride horses, but I get to help with the kids next year, for this year I get to help take care of the horses!!! i hope everyone had an AWESOME summer 2011!!!!!!!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Kate on her upcomoing tests. She is so lucky to have you and Ross with her. Prayers are with all of you.

Anonymous said...

I love alll the photos of Canterwood fans. Jess, you and Kate are a great team. Good luck tomorrow.

Adina said...

im out of school!!!!yay, and i have a luncehon 2morrow and im getting my hair done 2day, wish me luck. I saw an episode of the voice and its funny seeing how they start reaching to press the button but then they sit back and then they go back up, etc. etc.

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