Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Team Canterwood's been busy!

Kate and I have been getting to many well wishes, thoughts, prayers, etc. It's incredibly touching and means more than I can explain.

Team Canterwood member Kacie Ferris created this page for Kate:

It's a very sweet "Day of Prayer" evite on 5/27 at 6pm. Whatever your belief or even if you're busy on that day and time, sending thoughts into the universe to get Kate well would be amazing. The support of Team Canterwood has been overwhelming and I thank you all.

We are hanging in there and Kate is a trooper. She's being put through endless tests and we still don't have answers yet.

On a fun note, some members of Team Canterwood have created new, cool pages!

Haley O. made this:

And Ashley M created this:

Thank you both so much! I hope you're all getting ready for summer. I'm definitely looking forward to the warm weather.


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