Thursday, May 26, 2011

Final entry in Chosen contest!

And we have our final entry in the Chosen contest! Here's Miss Holly S. with her copy!

(Yes, it is May 26th, but I received Holly's entry within the time limit and could not get online until now to to post it.)

I will post the winner who will have their first name and last initial appear in INITIATION as soon as humanly possible. I have 3 doctor appointments with Kate at Mayo today and she is my main focus and reason for being in Minnesota. But I'm hoping to announce the winner tonight.

I'll also be posting the winners of the Gelly Roll pen giveaway. I'll collect your names and addresses and will mail those when I get settled at home--probably the 2nd week of June.

Thank you ALL for participating in this contest! Best of luck! The winner, btw, will be chosen by a random number generator site that I use. That seems to be the most fair.


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