Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Chosen release day & last contest!

I'm soooo excited that my first Super Special is hitting all stores TODAY! As a kid, I *loved* super specials and having my own is beyond my wildest dreams. I hope you all like it and have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

*throws confetti sparkles in the air*

In honor of this Super Special, I'm doing a final SUPER contest for Chosen!

How would you like YOUR first name and to appear as a minor (with the possibility to turn into a major character . . . you never know!) character in INITIATION? If you like, you can also include the first initial of your last name like "Sasha S." And I'll make up the last name.

Here's what to do:

This is open to EVERYONE--US and international--yay! Leave a comment here with your first name (and optional last name first initial) and tell me what you'd do if you saw your name in a CC book. :)

Want *two* bonus entries? Send me a photo of YOU with your copy of Chosen! It must come from your parent's e-mail address and they have to give the okay for me to put the photo on my blog. I will NOT use your name. I just want to share the photos with Team Canterwood!

The contest is open now and you have TWO WEEKS to enter. It closes Tuesday, May 17th at midnight. I will be out of town that week, so it might take me a week or so to announce the winner.

Good luck to everyone! :)


Sam Newman =D said...

OMIGOD!!! YAY!! my name, (above) is Samantha N.

IF I saw my name in one of *YOUR* books, I. Would. Freak. First, I'd def read it over to make *sure* I wasn't imagining things, like I did this morning when I thought my clock said 7:30, freaked out, and rushed around until I was ready for school.(I *MUST* be at the bus stop by 7:55, there is NO telling when my bus driver could come.) After that, I would tell anyone who was upstairs, then run down and tell whoever was downstairs, including my German Shepherd puppies. At school the next day, I would tell all of my friends who know what I'm reading (I'm frequently making posts on Facebook about the books.)/ are really close, ASAP. Last, I would try to calm myself down, and convince myself that I wasn't dreaming. =D ;D

p.s. Imma send a pic ASAP!
=sD <-- superbig smiley with. a. MUSTACHE!

Anonymous said...

My name is Kristin S. If i saw my name in one of your books, I would scream and start jumping on my bed. Then I would text all my friends and tell them, all the while having a wierd grin on my face.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! I can't wait to go out and get "Chosen"!! I love super specials too!!!

If my name were in a Canterwood Crest book I would do a double take and then reread it five, or ten, or twenty times to make sure it was true. Then I would buy and sign 100 copies of the book and give them away to random people on the street. Once I was done that I would rent an airplane and fly over the beach with a banner that would say "Read Canterwood Crest "Initiation" by Jessica Burkhart!!!" If "my" character owned a horse I would go out and find a horse that exactly matched the description and give it the same name and then transfer to a boarding school in Connecticut. If there were ever a Canterwood movie/tv show I would go out and audition for the character with my name and refuse any other role. Then I'd write Jessica Burkhart a big thank you email for being one of the coolest, most fun authors ever :)

Haha, Jess this is the most fun idea for a contest ever :P
~Zoe :)

αιѕнαн ❤ said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to buy a copy ASAP! My name is Aishah Q and I would love, love, love if you named a character named after yours truly! If you did, first I would scream! Second I would buy a million copies, sign them, and distribute them to all my friends, and family. With the left over copies, I'd donate some to the library or bookstore. Then, I'd buy a limo and hire a superfamous artist to paint a portrait of Jessica and horses. Finally, I'd email Jess a thank you letter for being the best author ever!!!

Jessica, I can't believe you've reached this high in only two years! Woo-hoo! :)

Anonymous said...

If I saw my name in a Canterwood Crest book, I'd probably be staring. And staring. And staring some more until something clicked in my head that those six letters are my name! THEN I'd start freaking out. I'd probably run around the house to show my parents, my sister, and my brother. I'd call my friend and tell her too, because she loves horses and the CC books as much as I do! Come to think of it, she probably wouldn't believe me until she saw it for herself! After that, I'd celebrate with a bowl of my fave ice cream- celebration can't get better than that!

- Marina

hunter said...

My name is Hunter H. (yes it's a girl's name:))

What I would do If I had my name in a CC book I would tell all my friends that I got hooked on CC and we would prob freak out.
I'm on my way to get CHOSEN now.

Sapphire said...

My Name: Jovita Z.
If I saw my name in one of your book, I.WOuld.Treasure.That.Page.Forever.
Luv it!!!

Joni said...

First of all: congratulations on CHOSEN- your first super special! :)))
I just bought my copy and I'm so excited to start reading.

If I saw my name (Joni P.) in one of the CC books it would probably encourage me even more to dream of being at such an awesome place filled with horses, friendships and drama. :)

Anonymous said...

This is SO cool!!! My name is Aliza (pronounced a-lee-za). What I would do if I saw my name in a book is first scream out loud then read it over again about 1 million times then I would go on my computer and log onto my email then email all my contacts and write in size 1 million that my name is in a canterwood crest book - then I would persuade them all to buy the book (if they haven't already). Then I would tell my parents and beg to got to the ice cream store. :)

Adina said...

I can't wait to read chosen, I'll be out of school like really soon and ill definetly make my mom take me to barnes and nobles and buy it.

AWESOME, this sounds so cool. My name is Adina H. If i saw my name in a CC book, I would scream!!!!!!!! First i would look at it again and make sure it was my name. Then i would run to my mom and show it to her, then i would text one of my best friends and tell her about it, and then i would post it on facebook is HUGE LETTERS. Then i would run around my room screaming OMG, OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Lolz, thats what i would do :)

Omg no way said...

Hay Jess 1st I would like to thank u for all the contest opportunities thank a bunch! 2nd I would scream run around my house and then collapse in a chair and not go to sleep till I finsh CHOSEN the read it 2 more times after I sleep and get something to always remind me I was a book character in a CANTERWOOD CREST book!


Unknown said...

I'm super excited. Chosen is awesome!!! My name is Faith N. If I saw my name in one of your books, I would be so excited!!!! I would probably go out and tell my friends who all read Canterwood (and love it :) I would have to buy the book and I would seriously scream (which I never do). It is so amazing that your running this contest. If my name was in your book, I wouldn't stop smiling for like a month.

Thanks so much for writing these *amazing* books, Jess.

Anonymous said...

My name is Ashley D. and I would be super happy and SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM if I saw my name in one of your books. I think that it would a true honor and I would run all over my property and yell "OH MY GOSH!!!!!! MY NAME IS IN INITATION!!!!!!!!" Wee are doing construction on my house and i would run up to where the builders are working and would scream "HEY YO GUESS WHAT?!?!?! MY NAME IS IN MY FAVE AUTHOR'S NEW BOOK, INITATION!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!!!!!! then i would email ALL my friends saying that my name was in my fave author's book and then i would TRY and not succeed to convince myself that it was NOT a dream and that it was REALLY happening! i would be SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!! Jess you are my ROLL MODEL!!!!! Cant wait!!!
<3 Ashley D.

Sam Newman =D said...

omigosh, aren't contests just SO fun?! i <3 <3 <3 them!!! THANKZ JESS!!!

Grace Z. said...

my name is Grace Z. and if i saw my name in your book... ohmigod i would probably faint!! i'd def scream. a lot. and tell EVERYBODY. like, the whole world. my dogs, brother, parents, announce it on facebook... the list goes on and on and on!!! omg i would totally frame the book and memorize my character's lines and... ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod I WOULD BE SOOOOOO EXCITEDD!!!!! i ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY LOVE CANTERWOOD CREST!!!!!!!! i've been addicted to CC ever since i saw it at barnes and nobel the day take the reins came out... i know, soooo long ago. i've been follwing up on the CC series ever since!! i really hope my name could be in the next canterwood crest novel. and CONGRATS on chosen!!!!!!

Sarah A. said...

If I saw my name in a Canterwood Crest book I would like pass out!! Lol!!! But seriously... I would probably go gather a couple of my closest friends... Go out and celebrate like a CCA girl! :) I would start a trio and give us some names... Become popular and act all cool and focus and stay cool like Sasha Silver!! I wouldn't be all up in peoples face making them jealous I would just be happy and try to stay focoused on my work an school while I could be becoming famous and awesome!!! Lol!!! But most importantly I would DEF read that book and suggest the series to my friends that haven't read it yet :)

Meg said...

:) If I saw my name in your book, I would be so excited... To be honest, I would probably just stare at it for a while, thinking I was making things up, because it would be so awesome. Then I would post about it on every possible thing I could post it on (Facebook, Blogspot, the like) and take pictures of it, because nobody would believe me. And then I would stare at it some more, all while grinning like I just saw a unicorn!! After that, of course, I'd finish the book!!!! (Your books are amazing, by the way, and I'm SO glad Chosen finally got to be released. Hope Kate is feeling better! :)
~An excited fan :D
Meghan H.

Connie said...

!!!!!! If I EVER saw my name APPEAR in *JESSICA BURKHART'S* book, first I'd just stare at my name, as it stares me back. After I snap out of my probably ridiculously long trance, I'd scream. Loudly. And show my parents, friends, and my cousins. Like, MY name, Connie L, in a CC book!!!!!! Anyway, off to take that picture now! Chosen is REALLY good!

Christina Nicks said...

My name is Christina N!!!!!

If I saw my name in a CC book, I would scream while jumping up and down. Maybe do a couple flips ( I'm a gymnast ). Then I'd get a bunch of my friends together and we'd have a purple, sparkly party ( I <3 PURPLE!!!). I'd buy like 10 copies of the book. I would seriously <3 it!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my name is Sonal K.)
If you put my name in one of your books i would freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would also buy 20 copies of that book to give to all my freinds and family. And then i would throw a party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

JessieRue said...

If I saw my name in one of your books i would be SUPER DUPER excited and go into my girley mode. :) I would squeal, text my friends. Call my BESSSST Friend and tell her, inveite her to a sleepover so i could SHOW her myself and do my happy dance! :) Hehe!
My name is Jessica S. I hope i get picked! :)
<3 Jessi S.

Sophia G. said...

If I saw my name (Sophia G.) in your book I would circle it in pretty pink ink and show everybody I know! Can't wait for chosen (my copy is in the mail)! Love your books!

Crlnhrd said...

My computer is being weird, so I don't know if my last comment posted or not, so I'll post one again.

My name is Caroline H. (Crlnhrd!) If I saw my name in one of your books, I would obviously freak out! I'm an author-in-progress and you're my top role model. I would have my riding friends over, and we'd talk about it. I'd have to tell my lesson horse, Leelee, about it, too. ;)
Canterwood has been my getaway from all of my school and friends. Lately, I've been going through some tough times, and what has helped me through this year is curling up outside with my puppy, reading Canterwood.
And, no joke; I've dreamt about being a character in one of your books, many times. I can't believe I have a chance! :)
Anyway! \ I'll be emailing a pic asap. Thanks, Jess. :)

Regina said...

My name is Olivia H. Remember that! My name means peace I read books 1 - 12 in a week because i was/ am so in love with Canter Wood Crest! Im a girl who is horse crazy and i ride dressage! Heres what would happen if i saw my name in the 14th book:

1) Go around to all the houses yelling my name is in the book!

2) I'd buy a bunch of copies for my friends to see my name!

3) I'd be ever SO grateful and blessed because to think my favorite author put my name in my favorite series would really make me feel so different and special

4) i'd look over my name hundreds of times to see if i was dreaming

Please choose Olivia H. :)))

Unknown said...

My name is Olivia H. Remember that! My name means peace I read books 1 - 12 in a week because i was/ am so in love with Canter Wood Crest! Im a girl who is horse crazy and i ride dressage! Heres what would happen if i saw my name in the 14th book:

1) Go around to all the houses yelling my name is in the book!

2) I'd buy a bunch of copies for my friends to see my name!

3) I'd be ever SO grateful and blessed because to think my favorite author put my name in my favorite series would really make me feel so different and special

4) i'd look over my name hundreds of times to see if i was dreaming

Please choose Olivia H. :)))

Jill/teameric said...

if i saw my name in a Initiation i would....

1. uhmm ya know SCREAMM
2. seriously buy every single copy in the store and hand them out to random strangers and scream "THAT IS MY NAME!"
3. then with the remaining copies give them to friends(:
4. then make it my favorite book ever!
5. i would be exactly be like my character in the book
6. to reward jess for her amazing niceness i would write infinite fan letters to rpatz and tell him you better meet jessica ashley or else she will stop being your number one fan(:
7. i would get my cousin to get you breaking dawn premiere tickets for you and all your buds.
8. make a super awesome song for you
9. and... i would forever be your protector sooo you would never stop writing CC books (:

my name is Jill(:

Anonymous said...

name: Shelby G.
if i saw my name i would
1) scream (duh)
2) tell my mom and dad
3) tell my besties!!
4) re-read ALL the books-because i cant wait for intiation to come out
5) buy a new outfit and brand-spankin new lipgloss just in case I become and insta-star 9wich we all know i will:)!!!

Sandra said...

My name is Sandra. If I saw my name in one of your books, that would be AMAZING! I'd be soooo happy if you did that and it would be such an honour! you are my FAVE authour, and if my name was in your book, it would be sooo inspirational and just AMAZING. thats the word for it :D I'd have to convince myself that it was actually true though, since it would be so hard to believe. i'd also make you my fave authour even more (if that's possible :P) and share with all my friends <3 I'd also prob go crazy, read the page(s) that my name is on like a billion times, go to my mom screaming that MY name is written in the world's best horse series books ever! Not to mention, if I read the blog, and it says I'm the winner, it would be like the most exciting moment of my life!!! thanx sooo much Jess for having such a great contest thats open to all international residents :)

mckenna said...

If I were to see my name in a CC book , I would totally freak!!! I would reread the page , just to make sure I'd read this right , and scream at the top of my lungs . I'd pinch myself like 50 times to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I would race downstairs as fast as my legs could take me and show it to my mom . I would take it to school with me and share it with the class and teacher and probably people I don't even know ,maybe even a hobo ! Lol .And I would be superexcited if CC ever became a tv show (which it totally should!!!!!)I know this sounds totally cliche , but it would just be such a big blessing.I would love to find out if I would be one of Laurens BFFS , or a new mean girl on campus . So please please please please pick me ! You won't regret it!!!!!
P.S. Hope Kate gets well soon .<3

mckenna said...

oh and my name is Mckenna V. lol

Sam N. said...

I just realized something. (sorry I keep reposting!! I's a kind of bad habit, i guess.)When I saw my pic on your blog, I *FREAKED*. Now, I think that what I said before about my name being in a CC book was an _understatement_. I'd scream, do a weird hopping-stomping thing that I tend to do when I get SUPEREXCITED, scream again, then run and tell everyone that I see for the next hour. (I know that that's not really long, but I tend to try and calm myself down quickly when things like this happen.)Also, I'd tell everyone at school, especially my AMAZING English teacher and librarian. Also, I'd tell Charlotte, (I'm training with her now, FOR FREE) and her horse that I'm working with, an Arab named Aurora.

p.s. I want to be a writer, too. :)

Anonymous said...

My name is Alicia K. and it i saw my name in a cc book i would scream at the top of my lungs, take a picture of the page it was on send it to all my friends, run to show my parents and sisters!! then i would email jess and say thank u 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times!!!!:) also if my character had a horse like my bay morgan mare, Sassafras, then i would run out to our barn, hug her and read her the book while sitting on a hay bale next to her stall!! if my character and sassafras practiced cross county, dressage or what ever they did. after i would scream until the police came!! i cant wait to see the winners!!:) good luck everyone and thanks so much for writing these amazing books jess!!!:):):)

misty said...

Omg ok my name is Misty R.

I would love to see my name in your book it would me soo excited. lol i would prolly make my mom think i was having a stroke or something i would scream so loud. then i would grab my cell and text everyone in my contacts this exact measage "OMG OMG JESSICA BURKHART PUT ME AS A CHARACTER IN ONE OF HER BOOK OMG OMG YAAAAYY!!!!!" then the next day at school i would show everyone the character in the book. Later my ffrineds would prolly find a way to calm me down by saying im not reading the sentance wrong!!! I love you jess and all your books your my fav author and if i was a character in your books it would be a dream come true!!!! :) :0

CanterwoodCrest1000 said...

My name is Emma C. and if I saw my name in one of your books, I would go nuts. First, I would go and write in super big letters in my diary. Then, I would go and tell everyone I could think of. Then, I would just imagine you telling everyone who I am...

Unknown said...

if I saw my name in a book written my you the jessica burkhart/ ashley my all time fave author i would prob run out side an jump for joy! then i would show my horsey friends and non horsey friends would probly scream for joy with me!! like sam i would prob re read it like a zillion times and be like omg omg omg is that *REALLY* MY NAME IN JESSICA'S BOOK?!?!?!?!?!?!? Then show my mom whom also reads your books(see not only do you have teen and pre teens reading these amazing books but u have a grown woman lol ;)) my name is Molly G and I'll have a pic in soon!!!
peace <3 horses

Unknown said...

if I saw my name in a book written my you the jessica burkhart/ ashley my all time fave author i would prob run out side an jump for joy! then i would show my horsey friends and non horsey friends would probly scream for joy with me!! like sam i would prob re read it like a zillion times and be like omg omg omg is that *REALLY* MY NAME IN JESSICA'S BOOK?!?!?!?!?!?!? Then show my mom whom also reads your books(see not only do you have teen and pre teens reading these amazing books but u have a grown woman lol ;)) my name is Molly G and I'll have a pic in soon!!!
peace <3 horses

Alexis R. said...

Alexis R.

I love love love your books and if I saw my name in one of YOUR books ! It would be ah maz ing ! I read your books all the time and im SOO excited to read Chosen . I would prob show everyone on my friends list - wait I would post a bunch of pics on facebook ! Please keep writing and good luck * sparkle confetti *

- Luv Alexis

Emily said...

Hmmmm, what I would do if I saw my name in my favorite series of all time...gee that's a hard on. YEA RIGHT!!! OMG! I have been WAITING for a contest like this! I am so serious!
Step 1 - Open up my eyes wide (like in disbelief)
Step 3 - Jump up and down (screaming works too)
Step 4 - Constantly repeat OMG as I make my way to show my family
Step 5 - Happy Dance!!!
Step 6 - BBM/Text/IM my friends about it
Step 7 - Tweet a picture of it or Facebook it (little bit of both)
Emily N.
Yeep!!!!!!!! :D

MaDdY said...

Madeline(Maddy) S.
O M G !

I'd probably run around SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF and i'd tell all my friends and family! Then... i'd post it on my blog and I'd scream some more...then...i'd go outside and scream my head off again...and then I'd send you a reallllly longggggg (but not too long, cuz, ya know, that can get booorrrrriiiinnnnngggg!!!! zzz...) anyway...id sen you a long...ish... email saying how much i LOVE and THANK YOU! i'd do a lot of things if i saw my name in one of YOUR CANTERWOOD CREST BOOKS! Ah! There are way.......too many to name and this comment would b a little longer but...u know...i gtg. SO........THAT IS WAY I'D SCREAM MY HEAD OFF IF I SAW MY NAME IN A CANTERWOOD CREST BOOK!!!!!!! :0!! :D

Anonymous said...

MY name is Nna E. and if my name was in a canterwood crest book I would Scream the loudest I've ever screamed before! I would also make every member in my family buy a copy so that means a LOT! I would also tell all of my friends at school and all the TEACHERS at my school. I would also reread the book OVER and OVER again to make sure i haven't gone crazy.ALSO if i had a horse i would probably buy him a copy too. Canterwood crest is my fave series out of all the books I've read and not many authors do this kind of thing so you are probably the COOLEST Tween author but to me you are the coolest AUTHOR ever. i can also relate to the book a lot because i wanna be a rider too and a writer a hobby me and my best friend share and i hope to take a creative writing class over the summer. SOOO if i won i would basically FREAK OUT! THANKS SOOOO MUCH FOR HAVING THIS CONTEST!

Anonymous said...

OOPS! SORRY my name is Nina e. not Nna. SORRY i hope i still qualify!

LOVEBOOKS! said...

Celina H. And I'd go crazy :)

Shannon W. said...

Just because I hate following rules, you should use my horse's name! HENRY! He's a bay TB who's kind of quirky (pretty different than perfect Charm) and his nose is always itchy. His show name is Hi Fidelity.
If his name got in there I would...
A) keep the book either on his stall or in my tack trunk at all times.
B) Dress him up Canterwood style (not sure on that plan yet... probs green and gold with sparkles, he doesn't really do lip gloss). Oh and send a pic for your blog.
C) If you ever came to STL again you have petting, snuggling, nose-itching, and modeling privileges with the cutest bay ever. If you live in the hunter world, that's saying something!
D) He'd probably also have a carrot party or soiree or something to celebrate. You know, cause he's classy like that.

Anonymous said...

Emily M
I'd go to school, shove the book in my friend Maggies face (I'm lending her CCA..shes on CS right now), then run around shoving it in my friends and *horsey* friends faces....who would steal it from me for the rest of the day. I'd steal it back and read it on my way to my lesson. And back.
And the next day, I'd read it again.
Yup. Thats how I rolll

Anonymous said...

Sarah T. :) Oh, my gosh, if my name showed up in a book by you it would be like, the greatest moment of my life. I have always been a HUGE fan of yours. I would buy about a million copies and give them to everyone I know. This is an awesome idea!!! Hearts to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Rachel L.

I WOULD SCREAM!!! I would be so happy I would buy all the books! I would read the book like 20 times to make sure I was actually in it, then show it to my friends and family. I would be so happy since these are my favorite series and you are my favorite author! I will be so excited when the 13 book hits stores close to where I live! I would be so happy and would have to go out and by lip gloss to celebrate! I would have dreams about me being in the book and I would be so happy I would cry! This would me so much to me and I will be happy for anyone else who makes it.

Anonymous said...

My name is Sunny L.

If I saw my name in one of your books, I would fall out of bed. Thdn I would go wake up my mom and sister and tell them. Then I would go take a shower and sing a song about Canterwood Crest, but fall out of the shower because I was so excited. Then I would call everyone I know and wake them up and tell them. After that I would re-read the page. Then I would tell my friend's mom. And then I'd dance in the hallways at school. And after all of that excitement, I would calm down.

Anonymous said...

My name Is laurenn and my name is already in the book! I am so happy the new main charcters name is mine :D Honestly, I was so happy when Lauren was the name I felt hnoured in a way.

Christy said...

Christy H.

First I would freak out, then I would show my mom, and finally I would call my bff and sisters!

Alicia and Brooke M. said...

OMG!! i would LOVE if my name was in th book, My name is Brooke M. OR have my sisters anme in thebook, her name is Alica M.! I am 12 andmy sister is 13. Grade 7 and 8! if my name was in the bok i would be so happy and tell, my riends,

Marni Steckmann said...

My name is Marni Steckmann.
If I got chosen, I would freak out! You are already my favorite author, and it would be SUCH an honor!Ironically, I was bored and daydreaming about this like 2 days ago! I would deffinatly buy a BUNCH of extra copies and give them to family members and have everyone read them!
I would also probably frame the book some how and put it on the outside of my horse's stall! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Hannah D. I would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazed! I LOVE your books! I promise you they are the best books in the UNIVERSE!!!! I am soo not lying! If i got my name in one of YOUR books i would scream and just FREAK OUT! (not in the bad way) I would show alllll of my friends and tell them how lucky i was if i had gotten chosen!!! And i would show my mom and everyone!!!! I would be sooo blessed if you chose my name! i would like buy all the copies of every single book you made of Canterwood Crest and just show my horse loving fan girls how awesome they are!!! I would REALLY appriciate being in one of your books, no, i would be honored to have my name in your book. I dont care what kind of personality you gave me! I would just be honored!!!! Please please please use my name!!! Its Hannah! THANKS!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica!!!!
My name is Kate Brady and it would be an honor to have my name in your books! Let me tell you a little about myself. I have been riding horses since i was 5 years old and now im twelve! i own a paint horse named Forrest and he is my best friend in the whole world! he is chesnut and white. i couldn't live without him! My favorite thing to do is learn new things with my trusty stead;) Im also compete in horse shows at a high level (the breed circuit) but i try not to get to competitive because that takes all the fun away from riding. Aside from horseback riding, I am always hitting the library and having fun with friends! The subjects i excel in are English Language Arts (as you can see i love to write!) and Math but i still do well in history and science. I have never gotten anything lower than an A- on a report card!;) My Favorite colors are blue green purple and pink but Forrest (my horse) and I are always caught modeling neon green. My style is a classy look but im not to self concious. i am bubbly and funny and always having fun with my friends! also one thing i always get caught day dreaming about is boys!!!LOL! me and my friends are always talking about them!also, I couldnt live without my phone!! i love to text my friends!! facebook is always apart of my life to!!! Juggling riding my horse, playing with my pets, doing homework, looking nice for school and hanging with my friends, I always have time to read canterwood crest! ever since it came out ive been addicted to it! it takes me at the most, two days to finish your book!!!! one of my big goals in life is to get into a prep school like lauren, sasha and all the other characters in canterwood crest, especially a school with a riding team! i hope you will consider MY NAME in YOUR book:) as i said earliar it would be an honor!

~Kate Brady♥♥

Unknown said...

Its Kate Brady again! haha sorry! i forgot to say this one last thing before...if you have any questions feel free to ask!!!!

~Kate Brady♥♥

Victoria Kashiwai said...

hi Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my name is Victoria K. if ur going to make 2 or more names in your awesome Canterwood Crest book my friend's name is Brandi S. Brandi and i would be sooooooooooo amazed that u noticed my comment and put at least one of our names in ur book! Canterwood Crest has inspired me to start a book series of my own!(don't worry i'm not coping u)i might change it since it sounds to much like canterwood but so far it's called Cavent Academy.if I saw my name i would tell everyone and make my book dedicated to you. Brandi and I are our own CC Fan duo. so i would tell her first and THEN tell everyone else. my bday is in December, so it would be a total gift if my name showed up in
U R AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
adoring fan/author to be,
Victoria K. (Kashiwai)

Anonymous said...

first my name is Holly L. 2nd if my name got put into a canterwood crest book i would scream call everyone i know and tell them to buy a copy of the book. id also take the book to school and show it to my class. id probably throw a party celebrating the book.
ps dont know if you remember me but e-mailed each other im your biggest fan.

Anonymous said...

Caitlin R.

If i saw my name in one your books i'd probably freak. i'd start jumping up and down txt my friends who red the series n then go tell my pony (he seariosly listens to me. we make deals n he nods when i'm done explaing stuff. he watches me then mimicks what i'm doing. kinda weird :P) i'd probably groom him for hours just telling him how happy i am :P

alyssa5252@gmail.com said...

my name is alyssa and i would loooovvveee 2 have my name in cc omg i would sooooo freak thank u

love, alyssa<3

alyssa5252@gmail.com said...

its alyssa if my name was in your book i would screm run to sharpay(my horse) an show her the book and like huge and kiss her then id go in the house and tell my mom and step dad then id call my real dad and yell in the phone"my name is in cc"finally i would thro myself on my bed and read the book till i get a bad head ache
ps.ur the best writer in the world


Anonymous said...

OMIGOD! If I saw my name in one of your books I would be so honoured! I <3 your books and to have my named mentioned in there would be SO awesome! After I read it I would just FREAK!!!! Then I would pick up my phone and call my bestie (who also reads the books) and freak out! And then I would text&bbm everyone on my contact list!! Then in my next lesson I would just hug&kiss my beautiful pony soooo much :)......Also congats on your first super special! I just got my copy today and so far it is AWSOME!!! Thanks Jessica for righting the BEST books I have ever read!

~Jenna Milne :) p.s hoping to get my mom to send a pic of me and my copy of chosen!

Julianna said...

ohai jessica! my name is JULIE D. I know there has already been a charater named julia, but u could always change julie to jules, alot of ppl call me tht. but aso it wouldnt really mater cause julia and sasha and heather and everyone else isnt going to be mentioned! .hmmm... what would i do if my name were in a CC book? uh idk... LIKE TOTALLY FREAK OUT!! First i would have to read it over like, 80,000 times to make sure i was actually reading my name, thenn,i would probably scream until my throat went dry, dance around by room, txt my bff who is a CC addict, like me,email u, jessica, and say how thankful i am for having my name in the books, scream some more, grab some tea to come my jitters (i know thats what lauren towers would do (:), get on facebooook that very second and tell all my friends, photo copy the page and put it on my bedroom door where i keep awesome papers, such as an autograph or a cherished picture, cherish the page forever, dubb that book to be the best CC ever written, not that the others arent equally amazing, which they are! keep screaming. jummp around , do cartwheels, flips, scream even more, hugg my PillowPet, eat candy, dream even more about how if CC was turned into a TV show and i played sasha or lauren, eat my most favorite chocolate chip cookies ever,scream, grab my dog and twirl her in my arms, turn my fan on cause i would get so hot from the screaming and the jumping, stare at the page untill everything becomes blurry, drink ANOTHER tea like Lauren towers, Scream, scream, AND DID I SAY SCREAM?!?!?!? :) i love u so much jess u are an amazing writer and it would mean the world to me if u chose to put my name in INITIATION. Luv u! kbye

XxJayJayxX said...

Hey there Jessica!!!

My name is Jayllex M. (And yes, that IS my real name! :D)

If I, (A small-town girl from UNIONSBURG, might I add ;) saw my name in one of your amazing books, I would comepletely freak out! First, I would make sure I'm not halucinating. Then, I would take thousands of pistures and plaster them alllll over Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and every other web-site I am a member of! Next, I would spend about the next week reading everyone of your books, Wellington Prep and Chosen included, because I know them all pretty much by <3. Then, I would apply my new fave lip gloss, Watermelon Lip Smakers! (I think I've seriously bought 1,000,000 bottles since January!) After that, my shock might have dimmed by 0.00000001%, just enough so that I can squeak out to the W-O-R-L-D that *MY* name is in YOUR, *J-E-S-S-I-C-A B-U-R-H-K-A-R-t*'s book! Next I would get my daily-dose of My most favorite web-site, @Jessicaburkhart.com <333

P.S. ~ Pic coming soon!:)

P.P.S. ~ I REALLY hope you make a movie or T.V. series! #superpumped!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OMG this is just awesome Jess! :-)

My name is Fiona G.

First thing I'd do would be to make sure I'm not just dreaming since I want this so badly! When I know that it's real, I'll get a plane ticket to go to my hometown, Dallas ASAP and read the book in one night then fly back to Indonesia! Next, I'll tell my friends and my english teacher! LOL but I'll get to twitter too. ;)

Next, I will vow to say that Canterwood Crest is my fave book series and that Jessica Burkhart is my total inspiration. I truly admire you Jess!

Then I'll tell my friends to read the book! :D

This is an experience I would never forget Jess, so I'm so stoked to see my name in one of your books (if that happens) :)

There's plenty more reasons but these are the ones that mean a whole to me.

PS: I'll thank God too! <3 LOL

Thanks <3

Fiona G.

Love ur books always!
Hope u give me this opportunity!

:)) --> Words can't describe how excited I am!

Grace Z. said...

ohmigod!!! ahahah i just saw my picture up on this blog!!! ahahaha i look really terrible... oh well!!! ahha

TheAlmondOtter said...

My name is Kyla G. If I saw my name in a Canterwood Crest book, it would be one of the best days of my life. I would tell all of my friends and I would wear green and gold a lot. I would go to the stables where I take riding lessons and celebrate by giving most of the horses I know carrots and a lot of love. Next, would be the best part, I'd take a trail ride and act like I was my Canterwood Crest character. I would make a t-shirt that says Canterwood Crest and then decorate my room green and gold (but maybe a little pink too).

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

My name is Cheyenne V.

It would be freakin' awesome and exciting at the same time. But I would also be sssooo inspired. I am writing a book/ series that will be similar to Canterwood Crest but not totally like Canterwood Crest. I would do something like this and I would probally inspire young girls that are around my age. Me encanta the Canterwood Crest series!

A picture/ collage I made myself! ;)

Anonymous said...

I abosolutley LOVE the Canterwood Crest series!!!!! I have all the books (including CHOSEN) and I read each book at least 2 times (except CHOSEN, only once) I my name was in one of the book (my name is Maela S.) I would totally freak! I'd pratically brag to everyone about my name in the best series ever! I would also call my friends and family. I'd TOTALLY faint (or close to do so)after I pinch myself to make sure I am not dreamin. ;-) Everyone would be so happy for me *and jealous*. My name in CC books... its totally one of my dreams that awaits to come true!!!!

Callie said...

My Name: Erin B.

If my name was put in the next Canterwood Crest book I would FREAK OUT!!!! I would tell my WHOLE family(i have a big family) and bug them about it forever! I would also tell all my friends and even my dog(no that's not crazy if my name is in a book!I would also buy a million copies of the book and tell everyone to read it and the series because the sseries is AMAZING!! I would also be so excited to have my own horse and to be "going" to Canterwood! I would also hang up a ton of banners and annouce it to everyone I see. Another thing I would do is make accounts on lots of websites like this blogging website and post it in HUGE letters. I would lso post it on facebook. I would also take a picture of my name and it would be my cell phone's backround forever!

Anonymous said...

My name is Liza K. and if I saw my name in a CC book! I would scream, maybe have a heart attack, and show ALL my friends and make them read the book b/c its ama(ZING!). And then after that I would read the book! Omg this would be so amazing its not even funny. and just knowing that a character is based off of you and knows the (fictional but awesome character) amazing LAUREN TOWERS! AAHHHH!!!!!!!! So exiting!! KK hope i win...:) love CC! <333

Anonymous said...

Jess, you have the coolest idea for a contest!!!!!!!
My name is Chloe C. and if I saw my name in your book, I would first, scream and start jumping up and down. Then, I would tell my parents and my pug Fuzzy. Last, I would tell all my friends that I actually got into a CC book. That would be just too cool!
Also, hope Kate is alright. Tell her that she will always have support from me and all my CC fan friends. :)

SunsetWolf said...

My name is Reagan. This series is the greatest one I've read. If I saw my name in a Canterwood Crest book, I would be Freak. Out. I used to have a horse, Starla, and still love her. We also (still) have donkeys. Two. Luci (normal size) Boomer (miniature). Yep. Love them both. Anyways, LOVE Canterwood Crest. If I saw my name in one of the books, I would get more involved in Horse back riding. I would start going to Double Diamond Ranch, in Boerne. I already want to start riding , but being in a book of Canterwood Crest would really inspire me to be more involved. I owe knowing about this contest to my awesome friends. :) I'll try to post my picture later!!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Macrae S. If I saw my name in one of your books, I-WOULD-FREAK-OUT!!!!!!!!! omigod i would go insane!!! first of all, I would like call and text and go over to my bff's house and she loves CC also and i would be like "my name's in the book!!!!" and we would jump for joy and laugh and scream and have a marathon session of reading your books like 5 times in a row!!!!!!! It would be sooooooo fun and amazing!!!!! I would probably re-read the book that my name was in like a bajillion times and even more than that....and i own all of the other CC books so i would read all of those also!!!

Last, but certainly not least, I would call or mail or email you or even come and find you in NYC and would THANK YOU for putting my name in the book!!!!!!

thanks Jess!!!

Girlintheridingpants said...

Okayso. If I saw MY name in YOUR book!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That would be amazinngg!!!!! I would flip out!!!!!!! I screamed when I saw the contest was extended!! My life has been really hard lately. My parents got divorced a year ago and now we have to move to Ohio!!! :( Away from everyone!! And the guy I like just asked my enemy (yes, my enemy, as enemyish ((?)) as Sasha to Heather at first) This would make my daaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD I would be so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been my dream to star as Lauren or Sasha in a Canterwood movie........ To be in a book................. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Please pick me? :)

~Amy Cox

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