Saturday, April 30, 2011

Win awesome Gelly Roll pens!

Anybody interested in PRIZES? In CHOSEN, the main character, Lauren, is obsessed with pens. (Um, as am I and Editor K). Lucky for us, Sakura, the makers of the fabulously cool Gelly Roll pens as well as many others, gave me four sets of pink and purple pen to give away to Team Canterwood! Yay!

Each pack of three are "ice cream smooth" and they have a glitter pen, a metallic pen and a medium pen. So, if you win, you'll get three pink rose pens and three purple violet pens. Total win! :)

Want to enter? Here's how:

If you're a US resident, leave a comment here and tell me what your fave Canterwood book is and why. :) You'll get TWO extra entries if you Tweet, blog, Facebook, vlog, etc., about the release of CHOSEN. Just tell me in your comment here if you did any of those things and give me a link. You must also leave me a way to contact you.

The contest closes on May 5th at 8am EST. I'll email the winners within a week, so be on the look out for an e-mail from me. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Thank you, Sakura, for your generous give away prizes. For more on Sakura's fun Gelly Roll pens, visit

Enter away!


Kaitlin said...

My favorite book from canterwood crest is #6 "little WHite Lies" And thats because there is so much DRAMA!!!! and when the birthday happens and the kiss between jacob and sasha. oh and dont forget eric!!! and thats y #6 "little white lies" is my fav book

Kaitlin said...

Oh i forgot to leave a way to contact me e-mail


and i also have a twitter

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess!
I absolutely can't wait for Chosen to come out! Congratulations on the first super special!!! :)
My all time favorite book in the Canterwood Crest series is "Unfriendly Competition". I love how Sasha, Heather, Brit and Callie all finally come together as a team and how Sasha makes up with all her old friends and the whole think with Julia was sooo unexpected!!! I also thought it was really well written and it had such a sweet ending!!!
The pens look really cool! My email is

Anonymous said...

My favorite book in the Canterwood Crest Series is probably Take the Reins because thats what started it all. Without that book there would be no Canterwood Crest Series.


Anonymous said...

My fave book is little white lies. I was not able to put it down!! My teachers were almost about to take it away from me! I love how Eric and Sasha are boyfriend girlfriend. But I felt super sad when Eric thought Sasha kissed Jacob I wanted to punch him square in the nose!! And I couldn't believe that Sasha lies for Jacob! And it was her b-day!! But it was so romantic before that when Eric gave her the heart charm!! And i loved how you write!!! contact me at:

Emily said...
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αιѕнαн ❤ said...

My all time fave book is Unfriendly Competition since it was Sasha's last book and Lauren takes over!

Suz said...

My favorite book has to be... City secrets! I fantasize about going to Dylan's Candy Bar, let alone go to NY! I've always wanted to see the Big Apple! I was so shocked when Sasha saw Paige at Butter! I was NOT expecting that! I love the detail you put in about the shopping they did, how Sasha's stay was and everything else! I was really happy when Paige was on the cover, too. She's even prettier than I imagined her!
You can reach me by email, (
and I'll make sure to post on my blog about this! That's my website!

kelli reynolds said...

My favorite book is #1 Take the reins because i know how sasha silver is feeling about canterwood crest and having to make new friends.

A way to contact me is by email or

Sophia said...

My favorite book is Scandles, Rumors, and Lies because I think that it is so sweet that Jacob learns to ride for Sasha. :) My email is Love your books!

Hannah said...

Ok so i cannot wait to read Chosen! Yay! it is super hard to pick one book that i like so i have narrowed it down to 2. i loved Take the Reins because i can really relate to it. i came to a new ( and completely different) stable. it first i was so intimidated because i had to learn so much. take the reins was the start of the whole series!! the second is City Secrets! i loved it because i have been to/heard of places that sasha and heather went!! i looove the shake shack! it was one of my fav moments in NYC! i really liked that heather started to open up and become nicer. it was kind of like a start to show what UC would end like.

Piisyummy said...

OMG PENS ARE AWESOME but I'm not allowed to enter online contests :( :(

Adina said...

My favorite book is Chasing the Blue, the second one. I like it because it when the drama really starts happening and then it makes u want to keep reading the others to see wats going to happen next. I can be contacted at I posted about it on facebook,
so I could get another entry. I can't wait to see chosen, I'm gonna die, if i dont read it soon :)

Emily said...

LITTLE WHITE LIES!! That was like the best! It had drama after drama!! It was soo amazing, I mean after Callie and Sasha were finally friends again, Jacob (unintentionally) comes along and ruins it!! And Sasha still lies for him! Major OMG moment! That was also the book were you could see Heather softening up to Sasha. I'm still so surprised! BTW those pens are so pretty!! In school I usually just use those colorful gel pens in ELA because they work great and look good if you want you short story or essay to stand out on the wall! Lol :P I also use them in this notebook I have (I want to be an author) and it looks so cute!

Had to repost it, there was a typo, LOL! :P
Cant wait till CHOSEN!! YEEP!

taty2298 said...

My favorite book in the canterwood crest series is the last and final book from sashas perspective, because she really seems grown up now, and very knowledgable, and it seems like she is really passing that down to Lauren. I posted on my wall the release of the book, and my email is

CCH said...

dear jessica,
I f you look on live jounal all my entries are there
cece ashton

CCH said...

I love them all

CCH said...

I got chosen today. I love it im totally pulling a all nighter

Anonymous said...

I love all the Canterwood Crest book but I have to say my favorite book is Best Enemies because of all the drama/fighting with trying out for the YENT. Also because Jasmine's in the book and she was really interesting even though she was mean.
A way to contact me is to email

Sam Newman :) said...

I. Love. Triple Fault. ;D!!
a) Eric *almost* kisses Sasha, but then Mr. Conner sees.
b) Then, Eric actually DOES kiss Sasha.
c)Jasmine= vicious. I *LOVE* it when Heather messes with her!
d)Drama, drama, and more, (guess what?) drama. (with Callie & Jas)
e) I absolutely *ADORE* the cover. Sasha's shirt is to DIE for, and all the pretty plants are all pretty. (I know, I know. "pretty, pretty, pretty." BUT IT"S TRUE!!)

Also, I posted this on my Facebook:i. m. so. excited. to start reading the 13th book in the Canterwood Crest Series by Jessica Burkhart!!! dad got it 4 me from Amazon & it came TODAY!!! ;DD
here's the link:



Jess G said...

hey jess
well this is an awesome book series i love it so much it was hard to chose my fave., but i would have to say my fave book was city secrets. i loved seeing the nicer less flashy side of heather. i also felt like it helped Sasha realize how lucky she is to have parents who love her for her. we also get why heather is heather.


Connie said...

My favorite Canterwood book is Rival Revenge. Even though I didn't really like Julia, JAsmine deserved getting expelled. And since I'm only 10, I don't know what it's like to be juggling boyfriends, friends, and enemies. However, when Sasha was focused more on riding and schoolwork, I was able to follow better. Not that I couldn't follow the email is

Jill/teameric said...

My favorite cc book has to be Unfriendly Competition is the best book so far. It is just amazing how it goes from being so sad in Sasha's life and then it pulls it all together to a happy ending to her point of view. I loved Chosen btw (:

contact me at

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