Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chosen cover flat contest!


Hooray CHOSEN release that's coming up next week! In honor of this *very* sparkly Super Special, I think a giveaway is in order.

Anyone interested in winning a signed cover flat of CHOSEN? (That's the cover of the book without the actual book inside. Just like the image above.) :)

I've got FIVE signed copies to give away. Here's the deal: if you're a US resident, leave a comment here. Tell me why you're THE ultimate Canterwood Crest fan. :) I'll draw five winners at random. If you're on Twitter and Tweet about the contest, make sure to Tweet at me and it'll count as an extra entry. Also, it counts double if you blog, Facebook or use the Internet in another way to tell your friends about the release of CHOSEN.

The contest ends on Friday, April 29th.

I'll announce the winners the following weekend or week. Be sure to leave me a way to contact you in case you're a winner.

This book is extremely special to Editor K and me--we infused so many of our fave products, colors, traits, cities, etc., that we both agree it's out favorite book in the series. Thank you, Team Canterwood, for allowing me to have my first Super Special!



Kaitlin said...

I am the ultimate Canterwood Crest fan because jessica burkhart books are the first ones that didn't stop reading in the middle because it was boring. I love that i can go on the form and not have people laugh at me. and that Jess is following me on twitter 2 times thats right on twitter horserider4567 is also _BritChan_. and that would have never happened if Jessica Burkhart didn't change my happiness and to really discover how much i love reading. Thats why im a ultimate Canterwood Crest fan.

Reach me by 1-774-364-4495

Piisyummy said...

I have a few questions about this :) Is the prize a signed image, or the actual physical signed paper copy of the cover that you'll mail to us? If it's the latter then I'm not allowed to enter because I can't give out my address :( anyway, assuming I can enter, does it count as a double entry if I tell people about this contest?? :D

Sam N. said...

i LOVE CCA and i soooo wish i could go there in real life... after reading a few of the books, i became TOTALLY obsessed with lip gloss/ lip smackers! i even have an account on lip smacker lounge!! ;) ~lol~ now, (ask my friends) i say "omigod" or "omigosh" on a daily basis.. ;);)<-wink wink! I posted this on my facebook account:Can't wait until May 3rd!!! Jessica Burkhart is releasing the 13th book in her Canterwood Crest series, and imma pick it up ASAP!!!

you can reach me via call/ text if i dont pick up at 757-615-1557.
Via e-mail:
Via Facebook: Sam Newman. there is a pic of me and a chestnut horse... ;)

Sam N. said...

i forgot 1 thing: i post about CCA on Lip Smacker Lounge ALL THE TIME!!!


Christy said...

I am the ultimate Canterwood Crest fan because I LOVE these books, and their the Bomb! The very day the book comes out I run to Barnes and Noble and buy it, usually finishing it that first day! But then I'm freaking out because I want to know what happens next! All the time I would read like the last three pages while I was in the middle of the book because I wanted to know what happened!

Kacie Farris said...

I am the ultimate Canterwood Crest fan because, when I started reading the series, I got so into it that I would check out three books at a time and read one chapter of one book, read the another chapter in another book, and be like "WOW! I can't WAIT to go back and read what happened!" If Canterwood was real I would already be enroled. I am the ultimate Canterwood fan because when I chose the book, I chose the book because of my love for horses and horse books. I read the whole series three times, all the books from front to back and it still took me away. I am the ultimate Canterwood Crest fan.

Anonymous said...

I am the ultimate CC fan because I have every book thats out so far!
And I usually go to the bookstore several times before the release date to see if they have it early (and sometimes they do!)
Oh and even though I am totally Team Eric I still read the books even when Sasha ended up w/ Jacob.

My email is
I am now going to tweet about this...

Suz said...

Dear Jess:
I think that I am the ultimate CCA fan. Whenever you release a new book, right after school, my dad drives me over to the book store and I buy the newest book. It takes me 2 hours to read. I can never stop reading. Also, I have 2 posters of CCA I made. One for a report, and one just for fun. If you want a picture, I can email you one. :) Also, We got a kitten last year, and I got to choose the name. I named her Sasha, after the one and only, Sasha Silver. I cried when I found out Sasha was leaving, ask my dad. These books are my life. I have reread all of them at least 3 times. My Friend and I even searched Canterwood Crest on google to see if it was a real boarding school! Obviously, it wasn't. We were devastated. I also have 3 books signed by you that I sent VIA snail mail. I will definitely post this on my blog that there is a contest going on. But even If i don't win, I just wanted you to know that these books have changed me. I love horses more than ever. I also hope that Editor K gets well soon!!!! Love from Suz!

You can reach me by email,
also by phone,
5minutebrownie is my username.
(I did a review on CCA)
Or my blog,
Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

k so i live in Canada so i wont post but can we *please* have a sneak preview of Chosen?? IM DYING!!! Thanks soooo much if u can :) hope Editor K is feeling better :)

αιѕнαн ❤ said...

I am the ultimate Canterwood Crest fan because CC is the series that makes me read w/o stopping! I can read nonstop for a whole day and noone could stop me! :)

P.S. Oh and I read UC and it was heartbreaking!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I am *THE ULTIMATE CC FAN*, because I've read all of these books about 20 times, I ABSOLUTLEY *LOVE* horses,this series is like, the best series of books EVER,I actually wanna go 2 C.C.A. myself!!!!! (2 bad it doesn't exist), I pre-order these books and the day they come in the mail i read the whole entire thing in like, less then 2-3 hours,AND BECAUSE I JUST LOVEEEEEEEEEEE SASHA AND EVERYONE ELSE AT C.C.!!!! I feel like im already bffs with them just by reading the books!!!! that is why I'm the *ultimate* Canterwood Crest fan!!!!!:) :) LOVE C.C. (: (:

you can reach me at:

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adina said...

I AM TOTALLY THE ULTIMATE CANTERWOOD CREST FAN. I have all the books up to the super special(which means I don't have it yet, just to make things clear). I totally horse crazy, I'm in eight grade like Sasha was.I also told one of my best friends about canterwood crest and she got totally hooked on them like me. I also check your blog everyday jess, don't know if that counts. I can be contacted at

Joni said...

I'm an ultimate fan because the books mean so much to me. Those pages are my gateway to the stables, my chance to ride. I may be a little older than most readers, but that doesn't make the books any less special to me. The characters have still become my friends, their dreams an inspiration, and their AUTHOR is pretty cool, too. :)
I'm so excited for CHOSEN! Thanks for writing!

Crlnhrd said...

I am the ultimate Canterwood Crest fan because I have been obsessivly following the series since Take The Reins! After I finished TTR, I earned the money by working in the house and mowing lawns to pre-order the series on Amazon as they came out. I made a Twitter to follow you, (@jessicaburkhart). (My twitter is @Crlnhrd, and I have been tweeted/followed by you!) I have re-read all of the books several times, and I have them on a special place on my bookshelf. :) Love them!

CanterwoodCrest1000 said...

You are AWESOME Jess. This is not and entry for the contest, but I just wanted to tell you that!
P.S. Hope Editor K is feeling better!

Unknown said...

I am the ultimate Canterwood Crest fan bcuz i am totally obsessed! Every time the library gets the next Canterwood Crest book, i'm always one of the first ones to request it. I also love reading and horses, so Canterwood Crest is the perfect series. I love hearing about Sasha, Eric, and Jacob's love issues. I love Canterwood Crest!! :D <3

Unknown said...
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MaDdY said...

I AM the ultimate Canterwood Crest fan because I call myself Sasha, all of my friends and family call me Sasha (sometimes) and I got all of my friends and my cousin to start reading Canterwood Crest. The books are more than awesome and they are more than the best word that you can describe something good! I just really love CCA and all of the people and horses in it!!!!!! <3 That is why I AM the ultimate Canterwood Crest fan!!!! :)

MaDdY said...

You can reach me by emailing me at

Unknown said...

I am the ultimate fan because when I first got the book my mom had to RIP it out of my hands one night but when she left I grabed the book and finished it. When I finished number six I had to find number 7 but the problem was it was sold out everywhere, i was going to die because I didn't think I was ever going to fing a book this good! When I finally found the book I cried (lol, and guess what I finished it that night! Now I am on number 10 hoping to be done with the firt books by summer :( but I will still keep them pilled on my bookshelf for extra keepings.

When the new book comes out I will most likely come into the store screaming my head off, run around the store trying to get the book!:)

Another thing is that me and my barn frinds get together and read the books together!! Also I have a lipsmacker lounge account (before CWC I never knew whats lipsmacker was) with pics of me and my chestnut pony!!

And not only me who loves it my pony loves it too! Everytime I sit on my tack box she puts her head over the stall door onto my shoulder and reads it to!!!

So lets just put it like this I AM OBSSESSED WITH YOUR BOOKS!!!

Follow me also on youtube:

Ps Heather is my fav chacter!!
Jessica your are the best writer in the world!!

Unknown said...

hehe i can't stop writing but I think you should make a moive of CWC and maybe I could be the star Jk but that would be fun!!
And one thing when I start the book i look at the back and then start!! Also I naming my new horse Black Jack cause I am to big for my pony :(


Emily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily said...

I am the ultimate Canterwood Crest fan because for one thing, your my inspiration! You are such a great writer, and you actually made the best books about horses ive ever read!!!! All the other ones ive tried just didnt appeal to me! Also ive read all the books! Plus you live in New York City just like me!!! Everyone in school sees me in the lunchroom reading one of the Canterwood Crest books! Your following me on twitter (@heyimemm) & replied to me 8 times! Which was so awsome by the way! The plot of the story always interested me! They arent those books where you know whats going to happen, and when you leave us on a cliffhager it just makes me want to read more!! I was really suprised how Sasha got back together with Jacob and that Eric was so calm about it afterwards! I love the characters in these books to death!I can relate to them so much!! Ive read every single book and will continue to do so! I feel like im apart of the book and I can totally relate to whats going on!!There has never been a book ive loved more then this series! Chosen comes out on my birthday whis is like, FATE! Lol I sound cheesy but its so true! Even if I don't win I just hope you know how much you and these books mean to me! :D Im not exactly sure if were supposed to leave information or something so...:
Twitter - @heyimemm
Email -
Youtube - Supergirlemm
PS - I have over 20 Lip Smackers flavors and counting! Still excited to Wellington Prep! CCA 4 life!

Anonymous said...

I am the ultimate Canterwood Crest fan because it is the first series to show me how much i actually like reading. Before i read Canterwood i didn't like reading and could never finish a whole book. Canterwood changed that! I read the whole series most of the books in just 1 day.i read your blog on a regular basis. i am going to read dominate too. i know it will be good but i cant imagine it beating canterwood. i would go and buy a book in the morning and go again at night because i finished the other one and needed the next!! i have become obsessed with CC!! i love reading it because at CC u can be a rider AND fit in and have friends and just everything is the same wheither u ride or not. at my school there aren't very many riders. i have lots of friends but only like 2 ride. so CC kind of shows me what it would be like if everyone understood what i was talking about or at least respected it. I have been riding for 6 years. i decided that i wanted a horse. so with the help of my instructer i found a horse. i knew he was going to be a challenge and that i would struggle with him. Sasha and Charm's story helped me get past any fear I had to purchase him. their story inspired me and helped me realize my passion. When i first got him to was a huuuge challenge. i couldn't even walk him correctly. and now 6 months later we are jumping and going to compete this summer. but whenever i thought about giving up, i remembered that sasha and charm had to work just as hard to get where they are now. and that helped to keep me going. i owe you Jess!!! I'm so glad i never gave up!!! im having so much fun and improving more than ever! thanks!! I <3 CANTERWOOD!!!

Anonymous said...

I am the ultimate Canterwood Crest fan because I go at midnight to Barnes and Noble to get the lastest CC book. I never stop reading the books until I am done. I also have all of websites the fab and amazing Jessica Burkhart made on my favorites. I check these websites almost daily for new updates so I won't miss a thing in the Canterwood World. I have never found a more perfect series mixing drama and horses. I also have encouraged my horse terrifed friends to read the series and they love it too. They also arn't afraid to ride my horses anymore. The Canterwood Crest Series has ddone wonders to everyone who read one of the books. I can't wait for Chosen, I am sure another awesome and amazing book by Jessica Burkhart!:)


Unknown said...

I am so sorry I forgot to put my email and stuff

or talk to me privatly about my phone number (don't want to tell it on the internet

Sapphire said...

OK, so for some reason, they just deleted my other comment and it was like, what, 5 paragraphs long? SO let me just do it again. I am the ultimate Canterwood Crest (CCA) Fan! I know everything. Charm's breed, S's Fav lipgloss, Lauren's Horse's name, H's Crush, Who was the CCA Gossip Blogger, Who Eric's Dating, And more! I love reading your series! This is trueley and literally the only series that i have continued reading. I love your books Jessica and i love how they have the teenager/Modern feeling to it. You Actually use real stuff in it like Blackberry's, Bliss, and Butter. I have a twitter, Secretariat1039, And I love CCA Books! you are such an insperation and i even wrote a poem books dedicated to you and CCA. I am obsessed with Lip GLoss and Girly Girl Stuff! Whenever the newest book comes out on the first day, i always make my mom get it. I even play a game at lunch that's all about CCA. The horses, riders, and teachers/instructers. I was the one that pushed my friends to reading CCA. I have all of the books (literally) And i keep them in a secret mini bookshelf so noone can ruin them. I keep them in Perf. Condition and Im begging my parents to get a blackberry so I can BBM. I ride horses and I love these books! If you have any questions Jessica, Just message me on Facebook. Im already your friend.
YouTube: Horselover1039
Facebook: You already know it :)
Please Choose me! i even pray every night so you can choose me!

Sapphire said...

Also, I hope that Editor K is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, my room literly is all pics of heather sasha brit paige callie julia alison and there horses (mostly aristacrat) so cant wait for the new bookk to come out. please pull me!

Anonymous said...

pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :) :) :):)

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Olivia, and I've won two of your books before! I am one of the ULTIMATE CWC because I can see myself going to CCA. I love horses, and these books just bring to life my real fantasies! I've read all the books and entered all the contests- and that makes me one of the ULTIMATE FANS!

Hugs <3 Olivia
P.S. I love how you've infused your own personal likes and dislikes and habits and such into the books- it makes them more personal!

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