Friday, April 22, 2011

Let's address some rumors

There has been some chatter online (forums, blogs, etc.) about why dominate hasn't been released, why Canterwood is taking longer to come out, etc.

I realize you guys on Team Canterwood don't know, so of course you're going to wonder. I would, too!

First, Canterwood is no longer on a bi-monthly publication schedule. This was a choice made by my publisher which I agreed to. Writing a book every 6 weeks was a killer and with the books coming out every 4 months instead of every 2, the product will be that much better.

Second, Editor K is seriously ill. Like, we have to go out of state to a special hospital ill. She is going through a medical crisis where her life is at risk. Because of this, we have postponed dominate until she is well. Dominate is not something I would ever write on my own--it's a collaboration with my writing partner and the product will not be ready until Kate is feeling better and I am ready to write it with her.

I know some of you are frustrated and wondering what happened with dominate. I understand (I do!), but nothing comes before caring for and being with my bestie in a time of need. I hope that's something you can understand.

We will get dominate to you as soon as we can, but for now, our main focus is what it should be: getting Kate well.

I hope you all can understand and hope that during this time, you can send thoughts of well-wishes to Editor K. She deserves them more than anyone.


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