Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hampton Classic wrap up

I *finally* have a second to blog about the awesome time I had at the Hampton Classic! The show was great and there were many activities going on all day. The above pic is me being interviewed by a local station about what I was doing at the show and how the books translated to the audience at the Classic. It was a great match because the grounds were FULL of kids and they were everywhere, hopped up on cotton candy and excited about being at show.

This was my view from the press box, where I sat for a while. The grounds were gorgeous and it was amazing to watch such high-quality horses and riders in such close proximity. The weather was awful because of a tropical storm, but the riders and horses kept going. The show wouldn't close unless it started to lightning, so I was glad that everything kept going.

This gray was one of my faves. The way he jumped was INSANE. And his rider was so talented--I wish I'd written down their names.

Isn't that jump gorgeous? I love it.

After hanging in the press box for a while, I went to the kids' area where I signed books and chatted with the kids who had come to the show. A couple of them had already read Canterwood and were shocked to see me there.

It was a great event and I had fun going to the Hamptons for the first time. :)


Adina said...

That sound's soooooo amazing Jess. I wish I was there to see you, and get my books sighned. I bet all those kids were thrilled.

tay lover said...

i wish i was there!!!!!!

Butterscotch Pony said...

Looked like fuuuun! And that gray horse looked like a beauty =)

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