Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Book Marketing 101

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post yesterday. I feel much better now considering I know I'll be talking to lots of friends and family over the next month and will get that question a few more times.

Since I'll be doing a little shopping on Amazon soon, does anyone have any marketing books to recommend? I've gotten a couple of recommendations and if anyone has another to offer, I'd love to hear it. I've been combing through a couple of books at Books a Million, but haven't found one with fresh marketing ideas that would be do able. So far, I've been filing all of my marketing ideas into a folder and using a huge desk calendar to plot out when I need to do things in 2008 and 2009. Who knew that marketing was such a big part of an author's job! I do love it though, and am learning a lot about the business side of things instead of only the creative side.


Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl said...

I'm still in the early stages of my book, Jessica, but if I come across some marketing books I think would help you, I'll drop a comment about them ;-)

And... I wish you lots of smooth success dealing with those nosy people!

If you do think of a great come back, please share with us :0) I'd love to "put folks in their place" while keeping a positive attitude.


Anonymous said...


Please view the Book Marketing tips at There are some great books listed there. You can also sign up with free membership to allow you to post free pressreleases and articles about your books

Jim Ward

Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Thanks, Michele and Jim! :)

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