Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Who's doing NaNoWriMo 2013?

November 1 is getting closer!

Who's participating this year? I'm trying to save my arm from too much typing, so I'm going to vlog this week about NaNo, my experience, etc. As many of you may know, TAKE THE REINS was my 2006 NaNoNovel. I am obsessed with the contest and have SO MUCH love for it. :)

If you want to friend me on NaNo, I'm jessicab_87.

I really, really want to participate this year. However, 11/1 is my first day back to work after two months on medical leave for golfer's elbow. I'll still be in recovery in November and how well--or how poorly--my arm reacts to the break, new medications--all depends on whether or not I'll be able to participate this year. I may do a halfsies version and go for 25,000 words in Nov. We'll have to wait and see!

I can't wait to see who's in this year and will be there every step of the way cheering you on. I hope to at the very least Keek daily with a message of encouragement, a tip that worked for me, or something like that.

Even if I end up not being able to participate, I'll be on the forums and checking on everyone! I'm so excited for this year!


Katharine Swan said...

I'll be doing NaNo! It's funny, 2006 -- your book's year -- was my first year too. I've done it every year since to some degree or another (everything from just writing a little and going to the meet-ups, to participating all-out and finishing the 50k). This year I'm taking a break from the more serious stuff I've been working on and writing something "just for fun" -- all writing is fun, of course, but writing without thinking of the work's future is something I haven't done in a while!

I will friend you -- I am Katharine Swan if you want to friend me too!

Nora said...

Omigod yes I love NaNo, been doing it since sixth grade :). every year, my english teacher leads a club dedicated to NaNo, and it's so fun to talk with fellow peers about my ideas and storyline! This is my third year, and I'm aiming for the 30K mark! But to be honest, I'd rather write ten, amazing pages than a thousand boring ones, NaNo is a way for me to get better as a writer. The thought of Canterwood coming from NaNo is amazing! I went to one of the events in Indy and it was awesome! NaNo all the way!

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