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Write Now! A Young Writer's Guide to Getting Published--an e-book coming in 2014

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Coming early 2014 for $1.99. 
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The forward . . .

Write Now! A Young Writer's Guide to Getting Published focuses on getting your work in print--whether it's a book, magazine article, or commentary in a school newspaper. It also discusses hooking an agent. This guide covers self-publishing versus traditional publishing, writing a strong query letter, hooking an agent, what goes on behind the scenes at a major publishing house, and the top ten mistakes writers make that cause rejection. 

It’s co-written by an author (Jessica Burkhart) with 20 published books by Simon & Schuster and Kate Angelella, a Simon & Schuster editor turned full-time writer. We’re offering you the best of both worlds—advice from an author and words of wisdom from a former editor. 

This isn’t a how-to-write guide. If you’re looking for guidance about formatting your manuscript to industry standards, developing ideas, curing writer’s block and several other similar topics, another e-book addressing these topics will be coming soon from Violet & Ruby. If you enjoy the advice that Kate and I offer about publication then I hope you will consider our future e-books about writing. Even if you’ve already completed a manuscript, our upcoming "how to" guides will help you make sure your creation is as ready as possible to head out into the world.

When Kate and I talked about this e-book, our goal was to offer advice to young writers seeking publication--advice we wished we would have as young writers. We both receive many e-mails with questions on how to publish a novel and this guide gives you the steps to begin your journey. 

If you’re ready, grab a snack and get comfy. Kate and I are ready to spill all of our secrets to getting published with you!

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Anonymous said...

Yes! I love to write and have been needing a book like this! Thank you so much!

-Lee (or Liana)

Katharine Swan said...

Looking forward to it! You will post again when it is available, right?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh so so excited for this! I've been wanting to write a book my whole life, hopefully this will help :) Thanks Jess!

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