Saturday, June 29, 2013

I want to come see YOU! Help me, TC!

Hi, Team Canterwood!

I've got an exciting idea that I wanted to share with you!

As you know, Home for Christmas (out October 1, 2013) is the final book in the Canterwood series. *I* feel as though I haven't met enough of you yet! I want to sign your books, swap stories, and perhaps give a short speech in a book-signing type setting.

In YOUR city. Or a city within driving distance to you.

The city must have a bookstore and, if it's flying distance away from Brooklyn, NY, a close airport.

What do you think? You guys ARE Canterwood, so how would you feel about me visiting? :)

The thing is: I need help. I have very little money to spend and doing a tour would be impossible without your help fundraising.

For example:

If I went to Chicago, Illinois-- the average plane ticket is $275 round trip and a hotel would be about $150 for a night.

So a tour stop in Chicago would cost (without cab to get to and from the event, food, etc) $425. 

I would love, love to travel to as many cities possible especially places where I've never been to sign books.

It's important to me to go to cities where you guys--my concentrated online friends--live. So if we raised travel funds, I would hold a poll on my blog and see what cities were the most popular and then spread the funds to cover as many of those cities as possible.

Here's how I'm going to do this: I'm working on a page for Kickstarter. Soon, you, your friends, family--anyone--will be able to directly donate to my tour fund. You'll be able to see how much money has been raised and how many people have donated.

Your donations will NOT be used for anything other than travel!

I'll begin accepting donations very soon and you'll have until September 8, 2013. Then, depending on the amount of funds raised, I would plan to tour in April 2014. :) :) :)

I think fom now until September gives us some serious time to raise money for me to visit you! I have my fingers crossed that we raise lots of money and that I'll be able to meet soooo many of you!

Oh! I forgot to mention there will be rewards involved for those who donate different amounts of money. Some will be phone calls with me, a critique of your writing . . .  and an ultimate prize will be  lunch together if I come to your city! Yay!

So, Team Canterwood, please start brainstorming up ways to raise money. I want to see you next spring!

I'll post my link to Kickstarter soon.

Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns in the comments section. Also feel free to swap money raising ideas with each other. You know, like a summer car wash for literacy!

Love you all!



Anonymous said...

Hey I live in idaho and me and my friends love your books please don't quit righting books.

Anonymous said...

I will totally think of a way to get money to donate

Anonymous said...

Please come to Vancouver, Canada! It might be expensive but you have a lot of fans in Canada!

Jessica said...

That would be awesome! Please come to Santa Cruz, California. :)

Nora said...

Okay, here's an idea: Indianapolis! But I might move so maybe even Detroit! You've never been to Michigan or Indiana and I think it would be super cool, plus it's not to far from NY.
And I have a fundraising idea: what about a book drive? I know a lot of my friends have old books they don't read anymore, so we could ask people to bring in old books and then sell them!

Anonymous said...

Come to Pittsburgh!!!

Unknown said...

It would be SO fun if you came to Livermore, CA or Dublin, CA!!!!!

Unknown said...

Right more cca books I love them all I live in Lexington ma and all my friends love ur books if they don't love em there not my friend

Unknown said...

Please come to lexington it's not to far from ny but u would have 2 go to burlington am b/c that's wear the barns and noble is come 2 burlington/Lexington

Unknown said...

I have like 30$ saved up its not a lot but it's something but I have to spend some of it non famous I need it

Unknown said...

On famous

Anonymous said...

Come to the library- I'd love to have an author visit here!

Rose said...

Oh please, please, PLEASE come to Philadelphia!!! We have so many Barnes and Nobles with your books (one in walking distance of my house, perks for me lol). One ideal place if you were coming to Center City Philadelphia would be Rittenhouse Square Barnes and Noble. Or in the park right outside of it!

Anonymous said...

Come to idaho please there's a barnes and nobles in idahofalls. Please come to idaho please,please,please. I love your books.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jess! I live in Rhode Island. There is a B&N in warwick and i'd love for u to come visit! I will def sponsor since i've been reading these books ever since they have come out and yet to meet u!

Kusanar said...

You know you want to come to Roanoke VA ;)

Lauren said...

PLEASE come to Burlington or Apex NC

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