Monday, June 10, 2013

Final FAMOUS sneak peek

Here's a sneak peek from page 56! (It may not be page 56 in your copy since I picked it from my Word doc!)

"I trusted Whisper. She was at a near gallop, but it was controlled. Wisp hadn’t stopped listening to me, and as long as she didn’t forget about me, I wanted to give her a little freedom. Wind whooshed in my ears as we swept past Mr. Conner. The saddle seemed to disappear between us, and it felt as though we were one. I’d never felt closer to my horse before."

I'm SO pumped about FAMOUS!

C'mon, tomorrow! 


Amy :) said...

I'm so close to finishing reading Famous! i'm *beyoooonnnnd* happy that it's out in Canada now!

****~~~~***SPOILER ALERT***~~~~****

I can't believe all the drama that's happening! Especially Brielle OMG! This book is amaaaze Jess!

Nora said...

Oh, my god! I am hyperventilating! I just finished FAMOUS! I couldn't sleep, so I stayed up till 12:01 AM and got it on my Nook :) Oh my god!
Brielle and Taylor... oh my god! Lies and betrayal! If I was LT, I would ditch them and never be friends with them AGAIN. And Drew, who's so sweet! Oh. My. God!
I can't wait for Home for Christmas!!!!!

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