Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some updates

Things have been a little rough lately to say the least. We learned this week that Pacey the cat has cancer. His tail is going to be amputated before the cancer spreads and he has two masses in his head. On Saturday, we're meeting with an oncologist to discuss chemo and radiation. All of this is scary, sad, and incredibly expensive. But Pacey will get the care that's best for him. Cats, and pets in general, are members of the family and it's an incredible toll on the ones who love them when they're sick.

Because of Pacey's illness, K and I have postponed her trip to Mayo. We were supposed to leave on Monday, but we just can't not knowing what the future holds with Pacey. Luckily, we got a VERY fast reschedule date and will be going to Mayo on January 5th.

Sorry for such a sad post, but I wanted to keep you all updated.

Hope you're ALL doing well and much love!



Anonymous said...

oh no im so sorry i know what you are going tro and my dog cancer and made it so pacey will too!!!! praying for you Kate and pacey the cat P.S i have a cat too!

Emily & star (the rabbit)

Anonymous said...

So sorry about Pacey kitty, thank goodness you are there to take care of her.All will be good and the time for Mayo will be right.

Anonymous said...

I'm so incredibly sorry to hear that. I just lost my dog of almost fourteen years to cancer, and it was a long hard fight, but even for a little more time, it was worth it. They're part of the family. I don't remember life before him, but I know life after will never be the same. We did everything we could to save him, and I wouldn't want to change any of it, because those few extra months we got together from his surgeries were worth much more in dog years.
I will be thinking about Pacey, because I know he is part of your family, and don't lose hope--from my horses, I've learned that miracles can happen.
Best wishes to you, Kate, and Pacey.

Anonymous said...

Cancer stinks!!!!!! I know so many pets and humans that have had it and sometimes die. I know what you are going though-I've been there done that. I KNOW Pacey will get better because of all the love and care she gets from you and Kate. Best wishes to Pacey and Kate!! Your in my prayers!!

Joni said...

I'll be thinking of you, Kate and your dearest kitty friend, Pacey. May comfort and healing come over your entire "family". God bless, Jessica. And don't worry about posting a "sad post". We're here for you through the thick and thin.


Connie said...

I hope Pacey will be fine, and Kate as well. I don't have a cat or dog, so I can't really relate, but it must be hard.

Connie said...

I don't have a Twitter account, is there any other way to get a signed Kindle book? Also, I can't wait for Initiation to come out! I saw the trailer and it seems really awesome. I want to read Winterling as well!

Connie said...

One last thing-if there is no "shout out" section, can I still make a comment? If I can, how?

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